• COVID-19

COVID-19: Stay updated and prepare timely responses to minimise consequences for your company

COVID-19 is spreading worldwide, and the medical, economic, social, and political impacts can be devastating for your company if you do not respond to relevant challenges within your business. In cooperation with Bischoff Advisory, we can provide you with information on COVID-19 from a business and export perspective.

Valid and relevant information is crucial to good decision making. To be able to assess the risk of COVID-19 for your company, you need day to day situation reports with overviews of:

  • Realistic scenarios
  • The political environment
  • Travel restrictions and logistical issues
  • Supply chain and business disruptions
  • Legal issues
  • Psychological factors and fake news
  • Suggestions on how to mitigate impact on site and for staff travelling

This is very time consuming to find and validate and therefore, you can now get detailed and continuously updated reports through Danish Export.

Danish Export: Your gateway to valid and business critical information

You will receive information on the worldwide impact - e.g. trade, society, and the economy.

You can access the information on:

Weekly webinars
The weekly webinars involve a short overview of the current situation as well as a Q&A session. 

Price: Free of charge both for members and non-members

Level one: Weekly overview
The short report contains a brief overview of the geographical distribution of COVID-19, legal issues, baseline scenarios, mitigating measures and travel restrictions.

Price: Free of charge for members of Danish Export
Download the reports here

Level two: In-depth report
At level two, you get reports with all the information you need to evaluate and assess the risks for your company and take the necessary actions. On top of the information from level one you get information on government and travel restrictions, supply chain and business disruptions, legal issues, psychological factors, the financial situation now and in the aftermath of COVID-19, the political situation and geographical situation.

Price: 3.900 per month for members of Danish Export

Level three: Individual guidance from Bischoff Advisory

Price: Contact Bischoff Advisory for an offer

  • “If you analyse the situation, see the patterns and practice different crisis scenarios, you will be able to react. You can move before the car hits you so to speak.”
    Bo Bischoff, Risk Assessment Expert at Bischoff Advisory
All threats have patterns

According to Bischoff Advisory, all threats have patterns, and to secure your business you must identify and act on these patterns in a timely matter. With foresight.

With the level two report at hand, you always have an updated guide to the patterns of COVID-19. You will receive reports by email every other day (as a minimum) meaning that you will have a summary of the latest numbers and movements available at all time.

Developed in cooperation with exporting companies

The reports at both level one and two are based on input from Danish export companies. The reports are therefore tailored to the needs of companies who are reliant on export and have international employees. The content will be updated as the situation evolves in close dialogue with our members.

Exclusively for members

To be able to access the information on either of the levels, your company must be a member of Danish Export Association.

Read more about the membership

Behind the analysis
  • [Brug Ikke] Bischoff Advisory Logo

    Bischoff Advisory

    Bischoff Advisory has many years of experience guiding companies and NGO's before engaging with and traveling to the worlds hot spots. Bo and Jacob have vast experience with gathering, analysing and mediating critical information.

  • [Brug Ikke] Bo Bischoff, Bischoff Advisory

    Bo Bischoff

    Bo has an MBA in strategic planning and international managerial experience from commercial, humanitarian, and military sectors. He has a broad field of expertise but excels in crisis management.

  • [Brug Ikke] Jacob Kaarsbo, Bischoff Advisory

    Jacob Kaarsbo

    Jacob has expertise on intelligence and analysis. Among others, Jacob has served for 15 years at the Danish Defence Intelligence and at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.