A successful joint-sale of Danish products to the WWTP in Jinan Economic Development Zone, China

Through the joint efforts of members of Danish Export Association (hereafter ‘DEA’)-Water China, four member companies have obtained substantial orders for the Jinan Economic Development Zone wastewater plant project.

By Li Xin, Danfoss China

The project involved 325 gates and valves from AVK, 10 sewage pumps and one constant pressure water supply unit from Grundfos, 17 sewage pumps from Landia, 17 FC202 frequency converters from Danfoss and seven MCD6 soft starters. The total order amount is around 7 million yuan.

[Brug Ikke] Landia Delivery To The Project In Ji'nan 6 (1)

It was a little regret that Landia mixers and Hoyer motors were not involved, because the clients had already finished their design work, when I started approaching this project. In addition, the business opportunity for Danish maglev fan was also lost, because there is no maglev fan company among the members in the Association.

In my opinion, the success of gaining sales orders in this project can be attributed to the following three factors:

1. Full trust and effective cooperation among the team;

With the assistance of DEA, a temporary team for the project was set up with sales representatives: Li Xin from Danfoss China as the team captain, Zhenke Li from AVK Shanghai, Bo Cao from Grundfos, and Danny Zhang from Landia China. Their professional capabilities in technical communication and business negotiation were well presented, so the clients were happy to cooperate with Danish companies.  

The established trust among the team was actually based on the fact that we already met and knew each other from previous activities organized by DEA, which is a good platform to develop trustful relationship.

2. Danish solutions and technologies are well recognized by customers;

Under the arrangement of DEA, I learned a lot about Danish water technology and the characteristics of water and wastewater plants through the platform of the Association. 

Although Danfoss has a very professional training for our own products, the communication platform provided by DEA can help us learn more about the advantages of the Danish overall solutions, so that we can better deliver the products and add value to our customers.

3. DEA-Water China platform has sufficient resources.

In addition to equipment companies and partnership with water utilities, there are also financial institutions among the members of DEA-Water China.

Jack Chen from IFU gave a lot of support in this project. With his support, the customer could see that we are strong in many aspects including financial possibilities. Otherwise, they may purchase less Danish products because of the cost.

As Jack Chen's participation and support has laid a foundation for our future cooperation with this customer, I believe that there will be even more sales opportunities and more members of DEA can participate in these opportunities.

My work will not stop just because I get project orders, and I will put more energy into driving and achieving an energy-neutral sewage plant in China as soon as possible.


This case description is made by Xin Li from Danfoss. The companies involved are part of the Danish Export – Water China Network. The work is made as part of the U-S-E Water Project financed by: 

If you are interested in becoming part of the network and the project, please contact Ilse Korsvang.