Weftec 2024

Expand your opportunities in the US at the single largest annual water and wastewater exhibition - WEFTEC. Join Pavilion of Denmark in the US, where Danish water technology is highly rated.


07.10.2024 - 09.10.2024

Conference: 5-9 October & Exhibition: 7-9 October, 2024


USA, New Orleans Morial Convention Center


Cost with subsidy
DKK 6.195 per sqm plus fixed coordination of DKK 5.500 per company.

The price is excl. VAT, flights and lodging, printing of your graphics, and transportation of own goods.

Participation price - companies without subsidy
If you are not eligible to recieve subsidy or in doubt about the de-minimis rules and regulations, please contact Klaus Kattenhøj, Danish Export.

Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1
Head of Water Tech Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj +45 3117 3314
Kristina Strunge Nygaard Member Relations Coordinator danish export / dansk eksport
Project Consultant Kristina Strunge Nygaard +45 3171 0313

What makes WEFTEC a leading exhibition? 

With growing figures, WEFTEC has established itself as 'the place to be' when it comes to making water business, meet new business partners, and exchanging knowledge in the US water and wastewater business.

With expected more than 18,000 attendees and well over 1,000 exhibiting companies, WEFTEC 2024 in New Orleans will once again feature global representation from every major organization covering all aspects of the water storage, purification, and supply industry.

Also recognized as the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world, the expansive show floor provides unparalleled access to the most cutting-edge technologies, serves as a forum for domestic and international business opportunities, and promotes invaluable peer-to-peer networking among registrants.

WEFTEC is both a tradeshow and technical conference with panel discussions and paper presentations, which makes it a great opportunity to network, forge new partnerships, and establish new relations.

Read more about WEFTEC HERE.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Exhibit with us

Danish Export - Water Tech will follow up on the successes from the past seven editions of WEFTEC and organize the Pavilion of Denmark at the 2024 edition of WEFTEC - this time in New Orleans. We have a strong cooperation with water technology alliance in the US, who is also participating in the event. 

Joining the Pavilion of Denmark at WEFTEC 2024 comes with added perks aimed at maximizing your exhibition benefits: 

  • Pre-show webinar: Prepare and excel at WEFTEC through informative session with the US Trade Council and Charlotte Nytoft, CNR-Consulting. 
  • Pre-briefing exhibitor meeting: Get ready and align for a successful showcase.
  • Evaluation post-WEFTEC: Reflect and learn together in a comprehensive assessment involving all exhibitors.

Furthermore, as an exhibitor at the Pavilion of Denmark at WEFTEC 2024, you will have:

  • Great opportunity of meeting potential customers and partners
  • Great opportunity of meeting agents, representatives, and distributors from the US and the rest of North America
  • Unique exposure
  • The opportunity to network and share experiences with other Danish exhibitors at the Pavilion of Denmark
  • A turn-key and full-service stand in an attractive and modern design - save the time and arrive late as we handle the practicalities.


Why should you and your company participate?

Danish businesses in the water and wastewater industry looking to strengthen current ties with the American water sector or seeking to establish a presence in the US water market will find immense value in participating. Companies interested in establishing themselves through an agent, representative, or distributor will also gain advantages by being part of the exhibition.

In collaboration with the Trade Counsil's Water Technology Alliance USA, we will organize a reception, B2B meetings and other events around the Pavilion of Denmark during the show days.

Central booth

A good placement is key to a successful exhibition. You want a steady flow of traffic going by your booth.

This can be hard to achieve as a single small or medium sized company. But being part of Pavilion of Denmark, you are secured a good spot. We have long relation the organiser and coming as a group strengthens our position.

Furthermore, common strong branding of Pavilion of Denmark at the exhibition makes you, your company and your products even more visible to visitors.

See the entire floorplan here.

  • [Brug Ikke] Michael Nissen Thorvald Pedersen Weftec 2022

    USA’s equivalent to IFAT

    ”WEFTEC is where you showcase your products towards the market. The exhibition gathers everyone and everything, which makes it easy to arrange meetings where e.g., both advisor and customer participates. We are about to close an order that we worked on prior to WEFTEC too, but it was an advantage to meet during the fair where there is more time for both business and small talk.

    Pavilion of Denmark gives us more visibility because we become part of a large stand that attracts more attention. We have previously gotten an order because a customer coincidentally walked by and found Denmark interesting.”

    Michael B. Nissen, CEO, Nissen Energy

  • [Brug Ikke] Jens Toftdahl MUTAG Weftec (1)

    WEFTEC increases our visibility

    “Being a smaller dedicated company, visibility towards the American market is important. WEFTEC gives us just that. And when exhibiting at Pavilion of Denmark, we benefit from collaboration and knowledge sharing between the Danish companies. All practicalities are taken care of, which makes our participation easy. We save time and hassle before, during and after the show.”

    Jens Toftdahl, Sales Manager, MUTAG

WEFTEC draws thousands of water and wastewater professionals from around the world each year, including:

  • Collection Systems Managers
  • Consultants
  • District Managers
  • Environmental Engineers/Chemists/Scientists
  • Equipment Manufacturers and Representatives
  • Executive Managers
  • Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Professionals
  • Local, State, and Federal Regulators
  • Private Industry and Academia Researchers
  • Public Officials
  • Students
  • Suppliers
  • Water and Wastewater Utility Managers
  • Water and Wastewater Operators, and many more
  • Pavilion of Denmark - a turn-key package to ease organisations’ participation in trade shows

    Turnkey exhibition solution

    Imagine this: You arrive a few days prior to the show. When you finally get access to the exhibition halls and find your booth, you are met by a small square of raw concrete.

    Not when exhibiting at Pavilion of Denmark.

    Here, your booth is ready. Simply unpack your brochures, place them on the rack and welcome your customers. We even have hot coffee and snacks for you and your customers.

The Exhibitor Package Includes

  • Turn-key exhibition stand using Expo-System at the Pavilion of Denmark (excl. prints/graphics)
  • Build-up and dismantling of exhibition stand
  • Carpet covering the entire pavilion
  • 1 table + 2 chairs
  • 1 brochure rack
  • Lights and power consumption (standard use) on your area
  • Company name sign
  • Joint storage room for the exhibitors (excluding suitcases)
  • Joint bar area with hot/cold beverages and snacks for you and your guests.
  • Joint marketing activities incl. marketing hand-out to be distributed before and during show
  • Fee for listing in the online show catalogue
  • Listing of the Pavilion of Denmark in the printed catalogue. Listing of each company in the printed catalogue will however require an extra fee.
  • A single evening featuring a joint dinner exclusively for exhibitors at the Pavilion of Denmark
  • Service assistance during the exhibition
  • Hotel proposal is offered (optional use)
  • The price is excl. flight, transportation of own goods, board, and lodging.

This event is subsidised by The Trade Council. To participate with subsidy, your company must be eligible to receive subsidies based on the de-minimis-rules and regulations from the Trade Council.

The de minimis-enactment means that a company can receive public subsidies of maximum EUR 300,000 within a period of three years. To receive subsidies, companies must be registered with a Danish VAT-number and complete a business form.

  • Ministry The Trade Council Web

    Collaboration with WTA US

    Danish Export is collaborating closely with WTA US in organizing activities before, during, and after the exhibition. Before WEFTEC we will organize and host webinars with information and market intelligence, presentations by end users, reps, and engineers. We will work with a number of media channels to advertise Danish technologies that will be featured at the Pavilion of Denmark during the exhibit.
    During the exhibit and conference, we will organize joint and collaborative receptions and B2B meetings at the Pavilion of Denmark. After the exhibit, we will work with participating companies for follow-up.

    We also offer the opportunity to organize a dedicated online group focusing on getting ready for the US market. This will be at an extra cost.

Have questions?

  • Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1

    Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj

    Head of Water Tech
    +45 3117 3314 kat@danishexport.dk
  • Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj

    Head of Water Tech

    Klaus er ansvarlig for medlemsaktiviteterne inden for Water Tech.

    Han har en fortid fra flere eksportorienterede virksomheder. Blandt andet har han været ved Grundfos i 17 år og har arbejdet med alt fra produkt- og forretningsudvikling til salg og markedsføring i Europa, Nordamerika og Asien. Dermed har Klaus opbygget et stort netværk i udlandet.

    Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1
  • Kristina Strunge Nygaard Member Relations Coordinator danish export / dansk eksport

    Kristina Strunge Nygaard

    Project Consultant
    +45 3171 0313 ksn@danishexport.dk
  • Kristina Strunge Nygaard

    Project Consultant

    Kristina har en væsentlig finger med i spillet i driften af Health Tech og Water Tech-netværkene i Danish Export, hvor hun planlægger og gennemfører netværksaktiviteter og eksportfremstød.

    Kristina har arbejdet inden for marketing i mange år og har læst på universitetet i Flensborg som en del af sin uddannelse i international business administration.

    Kristina Strunge Nygaard Member Relations Coordinator danish export / dansk eksport
Videometer og FORCE Technology udstiller begge med Danish Export på Pavilion of Denmark

"We help one another at Pavilion of Denmark"

Did you know that there's business in networking with your fellow countrymen?

At Pavilion of Denmark, helpfulness, community, and cooperation is paramount and that strengthens your exhibition output.