The Swedish water sector is in need of sustainable and energy saving solutions. Showcase your products and solutions at Vatten 2023 a new and important exhibition where you meet decision-makers from Swedish utilities and private companies.


24.10.2023 - 26.10.2023


Sweden, Göteborg, Svenska Mässan

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The Danish Pavilion will be designed into 9 stands.

Cost with subsidy
DKK 2.734 per m²
Price for a 9 m² is DKK 24.606*.
A coordination fee of DKK 4.995 per company will be added.

The price is ex VAT, travel, lodging, and cost of own graphics and special orders for your stand.

*For your company to be eligible for subsidy, the "de-minimis-subsidies" for export promotion activities apply.

Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1
Head of Water Tech Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj +45 3117 3314
Project Consultant Henriette Mogensen Danish Export
Project Consultant Henriette Mogensen +45 3125 7678

Svenskt Vatten estimates that the need for investments in the Swedish water sector amounts to 23 billion SEK a year with a yearly backlog of 7 billion SEK.

Since the corona pandemic and last years soaring energy prices the Swedish government and busineses alike have turned their focus towards more sustainable energy efficient production and operations in water abn wastewater systems. There is a genuine interest in resource efficient and digital solutions and businesses are investing in new and modern technologies and solutions

At the Vatten exhibition you can:

  • Establish relations and dialogue with Swedish utilities and private companies.
  • Learn about the Swedish water industry. Its strategy, challenges and needs.
  • Understand market opportunities for your company.
  • Create the foundation for future cooperation with Swedish partners and suppliers.

Vatten expects more and 170 exhibitors and 5,000 attending water experts from Sweden.

  • Sverige Goteborg

    Ambitious climate goals

    With large focus on the Sustainable Development Goals, Sweden aims to rely solely on renewable energy by 2040 and be carbon neutral by 2045.      

    The Swedish utilities frontlines the climate agenda but is faced with large challenges such as rising prices on water, electricity and strict environmental requirements.

Why exhibit at Pavilion of Denmark? 

Exhibiting with us, you benefit from: 

Strong relationships between all Danish exhibitors: You become part of a unique atmosphere where we send customers towards one another. We share contacts, knowledge, upcoming projects, and experiences. 

A prime location: Having a long lasting relationship with the exhibition organizer, we get the best location and great branding opportunities. 

Visibility: Matchmaking, delegation visits and more, strengthens our visibility and ensures that all industry key players stop by the pavilion. 

Services throughout the exhibition: When being part of Pavilion of Denmark, you can concentrate on your customers only. Representatives from Danish Export are present at the entire show, and if you have questions we have or will find the answer for you. 

Halplan 3 VATTEN 2023 1140 X 1024
Floorplan. Pavilion of Denmark is situated along the main aisle, in front of the big scene and on the way to the conference rooms.

This event is subsidised by The Trade Council. To participate with subsidy, your company must be eligible to receive subsidies based on the de-minimis-rules and regulations from the Trade Council.

The de minimis-enactment means that a company can receive public subsidies of maximum EUR 200,000 within a period of three financial years. To receive subsidies, companies must be registered with a Danish VAT-number and complete a business form.

Contact your exhibition team

  • Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1

    Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj

    Head of Water Tech
    +45 3117 3314
  • Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj

    Head of Water Tech

    Klaus er ansvarlig for medlemsaktiviteterne inden for Water Tech.

    Han har en fortid fra flere eksportorienterede virksomheder. Blandt andet har han været ved Grundfos i 17 år og har arbejdet med alt fra produkt- og forretningsudvikling til salg og markedsføring i Europa, Nordamerika og Asien. Dermed har Klaus opbygget et stort netværk i udlandet.

    Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1
  • Project Consultant Henriette Mogensen Danish Export

    Henriette Mogensen

    Project Consultant
    +45 3125 7678
  • Henriette Mogensen

    Project Consultant

    Henriette er at finde i Water Tech og Energy-netværkene, hvor hun hjælper med planlægningen af netværksmøder og eksportfremstød.

    Project Consultant Henriette Mogensen Danish Export