VA Mässan 2024

Meet the Swedish water sector at VA Mässan. The Water and Wastewater Fair has been the Swedish water industry’s most important meeting place for many years. On the 24-26 September 2024, the water and wastewater industry will meet at ELMIA in Jönköping once again.


24.09.2024 - 26.09.2024


Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden


VA Mässan 2024 is subsidised by The Trade Council.

Cost with subsidy
DKK 3,295/sqm plus coordination DKK 5,500 per company.

The price is excl. VAT, flights and lodging, printing of your graphics, and transportation of own goods.

Participation price - companies without subsidy
To participate with subsidy, your company must be eligible to receive de-minimis subsidies based on the rules and regulations from the Trade Council. If you are not eligible to receive subsidy, please contact Klaus Kattenhøj, Danish Export.

Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1
Head of Water Tech Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj +45 3117 3314
Project Consultant Henriette Mogensen Danish Export
Project Consultant Henriette Mogensen +45 3125 7678

A leading water fair

This is where users meet: the municipal water and wastewater sector, and industry with producers of equipment and services in areas including water treatment, distribution, IT, measurement, control and regulation technology, operation, maintenance, research, consultation and many other areas.

Who will you meet?

Those who attend the VA Mässan work with public water supply and water issues within the industry such as VA managers, technical managers, operations managers, production managers, environmental managers, operations and maintenance personnel, project engineers and consultants.

VA mässan 2018 officiell video: ElmiaAB

Central booth

A good placement is key to a successful exhibition. You want a steady flow of traffic going by your booth.

This can be hard to achieve as a single small or medium-sized company. But being part of Pavilion of Denmark, you are secured a good spot. We have long relation the organiser and coming as a group strengthens our position.

Furthermore, common strong branding of Pavilion of Denmark at the exhibition makes you, your company, and your products even more visible to visitors.

See the entire floorplan of hall B here.

Hall B 2024 til web

Skip the hassle: Here’s what we do

We handle contact with the organiser of VA-Mässan and inform you of all practical information such as deadlines, parking facilities, which busses to take from the city to the venue, and we send you the papers that you must fill.

We make sure that your booth is ready when you arrive as well as dismantled after the exhibition. At least one representative from Danish Export is present during the entire show. We have coffee, snacks and drinks for you and your guests, and if you have questions we have or will find the answer for you.

In other words – you can concentrate on networking and maintaining good relations with your customers and partners.

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Prepare for Jönköping together with TC Sweden

Take part in the preparations for VA-mässan on 24-26 September. The Trade Council of Denmark in Sweden is intensifying the focus on commercial opportunities for Danish companies within the water sector in Sweden.

The programme will give you a strategic approach to your company’s market opportunities in Sweden through an assessment of your business model.

This event is subsidised by The Trade Council. To participate with subsidy, your company must be eligible to receive subsidies based on the de-minimis-rules and regulations from the Trade Council.

The de minimis-enactment means that a company can receive public subsidies of maximum EUR 300,000 within a period of three years. To receive subsidies, companies must be registered with a Danish VAT-number and complete a business form.

Have questions?

  • Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1

    Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj

    Head of Water Tech
    +45 3117 3314
  • Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj

    Head of Water Tech

    Klaus er ansvarlig for medlemsaktiviteterne inden for Water Tech.

    Han har en fortid fra flere eksportorienterede virksomheder. Blandt andet har han været ved Grundfos i 17 år og har arbejdet med alt fra produkt- og forretningsudvikling til salg og markedsføring i Europa, Nordamerika og Asien. Dermed har Klaus opbygget et stort netværk i udlandet.

    Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1
  • Project Consultant Henriette Mogensen Danish Export

    Henriette Mogensen

    Project Consultant
    +45 3125 7678
  • Henriette Mogensen

    Project Consultant

    Henriette er at finde i Water Tech og Energy-netværkene, hvor hun hjælper med planlægningen af netværksmøder og eksportfremstød.

    Project Consultant Henriette Mogensen Danish Export