Aquaculture UK 2024 - Aviemore, Scotland

Join the Pavilion of Denmark at the leading aquaculture exhibition in Scotland


14.05.2024 - 15.05.2024


Aviemore, Scotland


DKK 3,495 per m2 excl. VAT when booking minimum 9 m2 at the Pavilion of Denmark
DKK 4,995 excl. VAT in coordination fee per company

Registration deadline: 25 October 2023

Martin Winkel Lilleøre Head of Fish Tech danish export / dansk eksport
Head of Fish Tech Martin Winkel Lilleøre +45 6020 8557
Lise-Marie Robichon Hornsved Project Consultant & Member Relations
Project Manager Lise-Marie Robichon Hornsved +45 6020 8568
PLEASE NOTE: THE EVENT IS SOLD OUT. Contact Martin or Lise-Marie if interested in participating

The aquaculture industry in Scotland

Scotland's aquaculture industry is a vital sector contributing significantly to the country's economy and is an increasingly important food production industry to Scotland. Despite its significance, the industry has faced a decline in recent years, prompting an ambitious plan and growth strategy known as the "2030 Aquaculture Strategy" initiated back in 2017. This strategy brought together key decision-makers and stakeholders from the entire value chain of Scotland's aquaculture industry to establish a collective and ambitious development strategy for the entire industry.

The aquaculture industry, along with the related processing sector, has the potential for increased productivity and efficiency. The goal of the indstry is to double the contribution to Scotlands economy by 2030 and also double the number of individuals directly engaged in the sector. Scotland aims to establish the country as a world leader within the aquaculture industry and at the same time grow the industry sustainably.

Market brief and opportunities

Currently, Scotland is third-largest salmon producer in the world behind Chile and Norway. However, Scotland's global market share has declined by nearly 50% over the past two decades, as it has been outperformed by competing salmon-producing nations. Scotland is determined to reverse this downward trend through focused efforts in the industry.

Danish suppliers of innovative, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable solutions have great potential for contributing to the modernization and optimization of Scotland's aquaculture and related processing industry.

Participating on Aquaculture UK, the most significant aquaculture exhibition in Scotland for the aquaculture industry, offers several advantages:

  • Meeting relevant professionals, buyers, decision-makers, and stakeholders from the aquaculture sector in Scotland and the UK.
  • Networking opportunities and possibilty of gaining market insights from the industry's key players in Scotland.
  • Strong visibility on an industry exhibition covering the entire aquaculture industry value chain in Scotland and rest of UK.
  • Aquaculture UK attracted mord than 2,600 industry professionals in 2022.
  • Exposure to a market that put significant emphasis on the aquaculture industry and continues to make investments in the industry, which is of growing importance.
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Pavilion of Denmark

Danish Export - Fish Tech is organizing a Pavilion of Denmark again at Aquaculture UK 2024, providing Danish suppliers to the aquaculture industry and related fish processing industry with exposure to the Scottish market. Joining the Pavilion of Denmark offers your company a strong platform to showcase your products to industry professionals at Aquaculture UK.

Pavilion og Denmark will be located centrally at the exhibition.

We will handle practical matters leading up to and during the exhibition, allowing you to focus on engaging with existing and potential customers. Participating on the Pavilion of Denmark also facilitates networking, knowledge sharing and potential collaboration with other Danish suppliers on the pavilion.

This event is subsidised by The Trade Council. To participate with subsidy, your company must be eligible to receive subsidies based on the de-minimis-rules and regulations from the Trade Council.

The de minimis-enactment means that a company can receive public subsidies of maximum EUR 300,000 within a period of three financial years. To receive subsidies, companies must be registered with a Danish VAT-number and complete a business form.

Package price

DKK 3,495 per m2 excl. VAT when booking minimum 9 m2 at the Pavilion of Denmark
DKK 4,995 excl. VAT in coordination fee per company

Package price includes:

  • Turn-key exhibition stand at the Pavilion of Denmark (excluding prints/graphics)
  • Build-up and dismantling of exhibition stand
  • Carpet
  • 1 table
  • 3 chairs
  • 1 brochure rack
  • Lights on your stand
  • Power consumption on your area (standard power connection)
  • Exhibitor badges for your personnel 
  • Registration in official exhibitor catalogue
  • Marketing for the Pavilion of Denmark
  • Coffee/tea + snacks during the exhibition
  • Lunch fo exhibitors daily

* Conditions:
The price is based on grants from the Danish Trade Council.

Pavilion of Denmark
  • Pavilion of Denmark - a turn-key package to ease organisations’ participation in trade shows

    Pavilion of Denmark – a turn-key package to ease your participation

    By joining the Pavilion of Denmark, your company will be branded as part of a strong Danish sector, but with your own visual identity. Get the full overview of the services you can expect as an exhibitor at Pavilion of Denmark

    Read why you should join here
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