NBH is with nearly 10 years of experience, Northern Europe’s leading agency when it comes to digital marketing in China.

We are experts on the B2B sector, and our mission is to help companies grow sales and brand awareness towards their specific targeted industry.  

NBH makes you top of mind within your field.  

You know your brand the best and what objectives you want to reach with your marketing investments. What NBH does is to help you reach them!  We ensure that your company has the correct digital presence, using the right platforms, in the right way, within China's digital landscape.  

NBH can help you build your Chinese website, manage your Chinese social media, drive campaigns, create exposure about your company in industry media, and get the top rankings in search engine results. Everything to enable your company, to reach your target audience, in the different phases of your customer journey!  

Our team of marketers in China and Europe offers you the possibility to have a marketing department for China through us. Our experts consist of native Chinese professionals that have experience from working for Global brands in Europe and China. Our team in Europe has at the same time experience from working and living in China. 

This combination enables us to be a bridge and link to the Chinese market and makes China feel closer to your HQ.

Our digital marketing services

We offer a range of digital marketing services to strenghten your brand in China.

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  • "China‘s digital market can be tricky, but with over 1 billion active internet users, China’s expanding progressive market provides great opportunities."
    Jonathan Kullman CEO NBH Jonathan Kullman, CEO NBH
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