Grundfos China: Together with the network we stand stronger

With a strong presence in pump manufacturing, Grundfos want to expand their business in China to new areas and find out, how their products can be used as part of an integrated solution within water utility. That’s why Jean Shen, Senior Business Development specialist at Grundfos water utility, joined Danish Export - Water China, to be part of a network that can open doors and help create new business opportunities for Danish technology.

Why join a Danish network in China?

“There are two reasons for us joining the network; we want to join forces with other Danish companies, doing business in China. Acting as a group when dealing with Chinese government and partners makes us stand stronger. Furthermore, we can leverage the network to get help from our connections when approaching potential Chinese clients. Several companies in the network already have good relations in China, so we can help each other out,” explains Jean Shen, Grundfos China.

“The second reason is, that we were looking to set up collaborations with other Danish companies in the whole supply chain, for example working together on design and different product solutions. We want to expand our solution range and hope to find a lot of collaboration opportunities for future portfolio that can help us expand in China,” adds Jean Shen.

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Networking meeting Danish Export - Water China

Joint solutions will bring more value to customers

Currently Grundfos China is working with DHI on an idea for a water utility project. DHI is a global provider of advanced technologies for water environments, and will provide the software technology for the project, whereas Grundfos China will provide the mechanical components.

“We met DHI at a Danish Export – Water China networking meeting back in September 2017. They have had business in China for several years and are using the same market approach as Grundfos China. Our ambitions are very alike, so there is a great foundation for a partnership,” says Jean Shen.

“We are still in the start-up phase, but we have high expectations for this project. The next step is to sit down with our technical engineers to find out, where we can collaborate and which product areas to start out with,” explains Jean Shen.

A local partner can help you uncover new business opportunities

Besides benefiting from the contacts that Grundfos China can establish by participating in networking meetings and seminars, they are hoping that Ken Yan, Group Manager of Danish Export – Water China can help them uncover new business opportunities.

"With Ken Yan’s background, experience and understanding of Grundfos products and solutions, he can help us introduce Danish solutions to customers. For example, by participating in the first meeting and finding out, how to accommodate new customer needs,” explains Jean Shen. She continues:

“For us, being part of Danish Export – Water China is not just about networking, but collaboration beyond that with other Danish companies in China. Hence we are looking forward to starting up many more successful collaborations in the future.”