Webinar: Italy - EUs most dynamic Life Science market

Numerous life science manufacturers are already planning to invest heavily in expansion of existing production lines as well as brand new manufacturing facilities in Italy. Is your company ready for this opportunity?



10.30 - 12.00




Free of charge

Farver Thomas Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Head of Health Tech Thomas Andersen +45 2447 8502
Laboratorie Kvinde

Italy is an underestimated market for Danish suppliers to life-science manufacturing companies.

Join us Thursday 25 March as we zoom in on the Italian life science industry and hear more about:

  • The market, its regions and strengths
  • Valuable insights into the investment plans of specific projects/cases.

About Life Science in Italy

Italy's pharma production reached 34 B € in 2019. Italy and Germany are taking turns as Europe’s biggest pharma manufacturer and Italy is leading on contract manufacturing, export growth and other indicators of a highly dynamic and competitive national ecosystem.

The life science industries are strategic to the Italian economy both in terms of GDP and jobs and this will most likely be reflected in the investment priorities currently being defined in Italy and EU.


Insights - the Italian market

Tina Riis has been a resident in Italy since 2004. She has built an extensive network across Italy’s life science industry and pharma producing regions while working as headhunter for more than a decade. Currently, as co-founder of Daivai srl, she works as Business Development Consultant and Innovation Manager (accredited by MISE - the Italian Ministry of Economic Development). Among her initiatives is a national roadshow on digital transformation hosted in 7 Innovation Hubs from North to South. Tina is committed to sharing her network, market and industry experience with Danish companies interested in the Italian market.