Water Tech - Working with EPC's in Turkey

This webinar will give you background information about working on international projects with Turkish EPC's. Furthermore, you'll learn about the upcoming market visit in December, so that you can make the best decisions for your company regarding partnering with and export to Turkish EPCs.







Free of Charge

Jesper Kjelds 2022
Head of Water Tech Jesper Kjelds +45 6120 1699
Sandra Ladefoged, Danish Export Association
Project Consultant Sandra Ladefoged +45 2478 1292

This webinar is for Danish companies and their colleagues around the world. The webinar is being held as a prelude to the Turkish market visit on 5-7 December, where we will visit leading Turkish EPC, industry organisations, and other relevant contacts in the market.

We are proud to present three speakers with distinct and expert knowledge of international project financing and construction. You will have ample time to ask questions regarding partnering, the market and the upcoming market visit.

  • Marek Lyngbye Zandberg Oplægsholdere

    Marek Lyngbye Zandberg

    Marek is a Chief Underwriter at EKF, Denmark's Export Credit Agency for 15 years. EKF is looking forward to establishing relationships with Turkish EPCs and entering into a dialogue about international projects globally. EKF has experience working with international banks and EPCs on water projects and have the capacity to front the financing, making it simpler for EPCs, international banks and buyers/investors.

  • Soner Soyçerçel Oplægsholdere

    Soner Soyçerçel

    Soner Soyçerçel is the Business Development Manager for Industrial Projects and Digital Solutions in Tekfen Engineering. He started his early career as a maintenance engineer in the chemical industry after he graduated from ITU Control Engineering and he acted in various technical and sales roles in ABB Process Technologies and worked as a Consultant in Honeywell Process Solutions after his MBA at Sabanci University. With a decade of successful experience in various industries, he leads the Business Development team for opportunity generation activities in TEKFEN Engineering. A strong believer in the positive impacts of digitalization on our lives, Soner Soyçerçel supports transformation in the industry, especially for the greater good of human life.

  • Ismail Sincik Oplægsholdere

    Ismail Sincik

    Ismail Sincik is country manager at AVK International A/S Turkey office. Mr. Sincik has worked in infrastructure construction for 14 years and holds the current title for 8 years. He is located in Turkey and is responsible for Turkey and Azerbaijan markets as well as Turkish contractors working abroad. AVK International A/S is part of the AVK Group, a privately owned industrial group that currently comprises 100+ companies. AVK International A/S is responsible for Continental Europe, Russia, Central Asian Countries, Caucasian Countries and Northern Africa. AVK International A/S manufactures valves, hydrants and accessories according to the DIN standard for water and gas distribution network, as well as for wastewater treatment and fire protection.

Agenda, 550X500


10.00 – 10:05
by Jesper Kjelds, Head of Danish Export - Water Tech, Danish Export Association & Seda Kayrak Bilgen, Senior Trade Manager, Danish Consulate Turkey

10.05 – 10.20
EKF and Turkish EPC's
by Marek Lyngbye Zandberg, Chief Underwriter, EKF, Denmark's Export Credit Agency

10.20 - 10:35
Tekfen a large EPC. How we work in partnering and on water projects
by Senor Soycercel, Industrial Projects and Digital Solutions Business Development Manager, Tekfen Engineering Co., Inc.

10:35 - 10:50
Experience in working and partnering with EPCs
by Ismail Sincik, Country Manager, AVK International A/S Turkey

10.50 - 11.00
Wrap up and introduction to the Turkish market visit in December 2022
by Jesper Kjelds, Head of Danish Export - Water Tech, Danish Export Association