Water Talks September 2023 - Reducing Non-Revenue Water



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Water Talk #5: Reducing Non-Revenue Water
The waste of resources resulting from high non-revenue water (NRW) levels in developing countries is considerable. According to World Bank, the total cost to water utilities caused by NRW worldwide can be conservatively estimated at $141 billion per year, with a third of it occurring in the developing world. In developing countries, about 45 million cubic meters are lost daily through water leakage in the distribution networks—enough to serve nearly 200 million people. Similarly, close to 30 million cubic meters are delivered every day to customers, but are not invoiced because of pilferage, employees’ corruption, and poor metering. All this directly affects the capacity of utilities in developing countries to become financially viable and fund necessary expansions of service, especially for the poor.
Niels Peter Andersen, Solution Manager, Water at Kamstrup will at this Water Talk give you an overview of different sources of NRW and ways of reducing NRW.


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Meet the Speaker
  • Niels Peter Andersen, Solution Manager, Water, Kamstrup AS (2)

    Niels Peter Andersen, Solution Manager, Water, Kamstrup A/S

    Niels Peter holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Aalborg University, specializing in telecommunications networks. He has many years of experience with communications networks from Ericsson both as a software developer and product manager in different areas, before joining Grundfos as product manager for sensors and sensor networks. Niels Peter joined Kamstrup to work as a Solution Manager, ensuring that Kamstrup’s offerings are well aligned with customer requirements.


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