Water Talk #11 - Drinking Water Approvals: An Introduction to GRUNDFOS approach and latest developments

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Water Talk #11: Drinking Water Approvals: An Introduction to GRUNDFOS approach and latest developments

Harmonized requirements for product in contact with drinking water in Europe

As a European manufacturer of materials or products that are in contact with drinking water, you may have encountered the challenge of complying with various national standards (UBA, DM174, ACS, Kiwa…). These requirements have been divergent, inconsistent and sometimes contradictory, requiring you to create country-specific variants for your products and to handle multiple certifications within the single market.

However, there is a positive development: in 2020, the revised Drinking Water Directive established the legal basis for harmonizing these standards, and earlier this year, new delegated and implementing acts were published setting product specific requirements. What are the implications and benefits of the new regulations? What are the difficulties and opportunities that they present? How can you prepare for them if you manufacture complex assembled products?



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Meet the Speaker
  • Szilvia Eosoly Oplægsholdere

    Szilvia Eosoly, Senior Manager, Materials & Environment, Grundfos A/S

    Szilvia Eosoly holds a PhD in biomedical engineering from Dublin City University and has over a decade of experience with drinking water contact products. During the revision of the European Drinking Water Directive Szilvia has played a significant role within different industry groups – Europump, European Drinking Water - in emphasizing the importance of harmonized requirements for products that come into contact with drinking water. Currently Szilvia leads the Material and Environmental Compliance Department within Grundfos.

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