Sustainable Water Use for P2X

Danish Export Association welcomes you to a forum on sustainable water use for P2X production – a business opportunity for the Danish water sector





Event Room #1, Grundfos Center, Bjerringbro


DKK 295,-

Registration deadline: 22 August 2023

If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please send an email to Kristina at

Kristina Strunge Nygaard Member Relations Coordinator danish export / dansk eksport
Project Consultant Kristina Strunge Nygaard +45 3171 0313
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With many hydrogen and P2X projects underway and many still in planning phase across Europe the industry will meet to discuss and explore business opportunities, challenges, and considerations in relation to water for P2X. 

The political ambition and the level of aspiration for P2X is sky high in Denmark as in the rest of Europe and the US. It is likely that P2X will become a major contributor to the growth of Danish export – and also water knowledge and technologies.  


  • 09:00

    Registration and Coffee

  • 10:00


    Therese Noorlander, Director, Grundfos Sustainability & Anette Galskjøt, CEO, Danish Export Association
  • -

    Green energy transition, GREENsition – an overview “The role of PtX and opportunities for the Danish water sector”

    Thomas La Cour Vadum, NIRAS market director for Green Fuels
  • -

    Permitting process for future PtX plants and dialogue across the sector.

    Søren Lyng Ebbehøj, Teamlead for PtX Secretariat, Energistyrelsen
  • -

    Power-to-X’s market challenges water and water supply

    Alexander Reumert, Project Associate in Power-to-X, European Energy
  • -

    Experience from ongoing PtX projects and a look at plans/pipeline for international PtX projects

    Jessica Bengtson, Market Manager, Rambøll
  • 12:00

    Lunch and Networking

  • 12:40

    PtX as a driver for both clean water and energy: technologies cost-effective removal of micropollutants

    John Kjær, PtX Market Director, Teknologisk Institut
  • -

    Design and manufacturing of efficient, standardized and modular electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen with renewable energy.

    Kasper Møller, Technology Project Manager, Green Hydrogen Systems
  • -

    Production of ultrapure water for green hydrogen – what you need to know

    Henrik Tækker Madsen, Application Development Manager PtX, Silhorko-Eurowater
  • -

    Innovative solutions for water reuse and wastewater treatment in PtX plants

    Peter Ølbye, Project Development, EnviroProcess & Niclas Pörtner, Project Engineer, EnviroProcess
  • -

    Group Work/Discussion

    Each group select a rapporteur that will take notes and present in plenum

    • What, where, how are the opportunities for the Danish water sector?
    • What are the technologies and solutions - joint capabilities?
    • What are the value propositions and unique selling points?
    • Where is the competition coming from?
    • What are the needs to further innovation and development?
    • Who wants to participate and be part of the team?
    • How do we best coordinate and move forward?
    • Which activities could/should we participate in?
      • Profile and lobby
      • Prepare white papers
      • Discussion on SoMe/LinkedIN
      • Conferences and trade shows

    Market visits (DE, NL, BE, FR) in collaboration with the Danish Trade Council’s

  • -

    Presentation and Discussion

  • 15:45 - 16:00

    Wrap up and see you later

    Jesper Kjelds, Danish Export Association

Water & P2X - Roles & Responsibilities
There is a need to integrate water as a central part of the planning, design and implementation of future P2X facilities be it large scale GW or smaller local MW plants. Water is not just something P2X projects can take for granted, it must be prioritized and incorporated in planning and design of the facility from the very beginning. This will require consideration of possible constraints and any environmental effects.  

Business Opportunities
P2X seems to be a great opportunity for Denmark, and possible new business opportunity for the Danish water sector. But how do we best and as a united team approach this? It is the ambition with this conference that we at the end of the day will have learned a lot, discussed the challenges and opportunities and as a team have agreed to the outlines of a joint action plan.


The forum will amongst others discuss the following topics: 

  • What considerations are being made in ministries and agencies about water and P2X? 
  • What’s the EU and US pipeline for P2X projects and is water and P2X on the agenda? 
  • State of the art water technologies in the P2X Value Chain 
  • Challenges and opportunities for the Danish water sector 
  • Research and development needs 

A central part of the forum will be dialog and discussions among participants of how we the Danish water sector as a team can and should collaborate, move forward, engage with international partners and clients and realize export opportunities.