Advance Your Water Export

Join this program to increase the likelihood of long-term strategic success in your SMEs next water export market. The program is hosted by The Trade Council of Denmark’s Water Technology Advisory and Danish Export Association.


17.09.2024 - 25.02.2025


Export Academy


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Klaus Lys Grå Baggrund Web 1
Head of Water Tech Klaus Kubstrup Kattenhøj +45 3117 3314
Sebastian Schwarz Head of Secretariat danish export / dansk eksport
Deputy CEO & Head of Danish Export Academy Sebastian Schwarz +45 2366 7788

Why participate in this program?

You will get 7 days of workshops and 3 days of market visit with the following outcome: 

  • Understand market conditions, customer engagement and have unique market insights
  • Have done the initial segmentation of the market and been through first introductions to potential customers / key stakeholders
  • Have chosen means of distribution and sales activities in the first years
  • Have clarify on milestones and goals in the first years
  • Understand own organizational set-up and ressources needed to export
Focus markets: Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, USA


Target Group

If you are a Danish SME focusing on the municipal water sector, this program is relevant to you. This program may interest you if you are at the beginning of your export journey and want a market entry strategy for your next water export.


  • Workshop 1: September 17, 2024

    In Silkeborg
  • Workshop 2: September 18, 2024

    In Silkeborg
  • Workshop 3: November 5, 2024

    In Silkeborg
  • Workshop 6: November 6, 2024

    In Silkeborg
  • Workshop 5: January 14, 2025

    In Silkeborg
  • Workshop 6: January 16, 2025

    In Silkeborg
  • Market Visit: February 4-6 2025

    Choosen export market
  • Final Workshop: February 25, 2025

    In Silkeborg