Pavilion of Denmark | SMM 2022

Present your company's products and solutions at Pavilion of Denmark during SMM 2022 and meet new leads and customers at the world's leading trade fair for the maritime industry. Exhibiting and meeting in Hamburg is a vital vein for the global maritime industry - we open hall B1 EG as a Danish National Pavilion.


06.09.2022 - 09.09.2022


Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg Messe und Congress





  • Arepa Danmark A/S

  • AS Scan

  • Atlas Incinerators Aps

  • Bawat A/S

  • Blue Water Shipping A/S



  • BROEN Clorius Controls

  • C.C. Jensen A/S

  • C.C. Jensen Casting A/S

  • C.C. Jensen Windows A/S

  • Clienti.

  • Cralog A/S

  • DAMPA Aps

  • DanCompliance ApS

  • Danphone A/S


  • DBI - Danish Institute Of Fire And Security Technology

  • Den-Jet Nordic A/S

  • DESMI Pumping Technology A/S

  • DM Motors A/S

  • DMS A/S

  • Duusgaard Coating Inspection ApS

  • Eltronic Fueltech A/S


  • FORCE Technology

  • Force Technology (1)

  • Frese A/S

  • Garrets International A/S

  • Gertsen & Olufsen A/S

  • Global Boiler Aalborg A/S

  • Green Instruments A/S

  • Greenoil Standard Aps

  • Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S (1)

  • Heco International A/S

  • HF Jensen A/S

  • Howden Turbo

  • Hoyer Motors

  • Inrotech A/S

  • Insatech A/S

  • IRON Pump A/S

  • Johnson Controls Denmark ApS, Marine

  • Kjærulf Pedersen A/S

  • Knud E. Hansen A/S

  • Liqtech Holding A/S

  • LJM - Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik A/S

  • LR Marine A/S

  • MarineShaft A/S

  • MiWire ApS



  • Norisol A/S

  • Novenco Marine & Offshore A/S

  • Odin Diving A/S


  • OSK-Shiptech A/S


  • Paratech Europe, Branch Of Paratech Inc

  • Pres-Vac Engineering A/S

  • Pureteq A/S

  • Randers Gears A/S


  • Saiernico Europe A/S

  • Scanel International A/S

  • Scanwipers A/S

  • Searchmaster Aps

  • SELCO Aps

  • Senmatic A/S

  • Sternula

  • SVANEHØJ Danmark A/S

  • Tempress A/S

  • Umicore Denmark ApS

  • Vessel Performance Solutions Aps - VP Solutions

  • Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S

  • VMS Group A/S

  • Weilbach A/S

  • Wencon ApS

  • Wrist Ship Supply A/S


𝗣𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗽𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲 - 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗿𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗱 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘀𝘂𝗯𝘀𝗶𝗱𝘆
DKK 5.880*/ sqm for turnkey package + coordination DKK 4.995* per company.
Mandatory SMM payments for Marketing package DKK 4.500 ex VAT per company.


𝗣𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗽𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘀𝘂𝗯𝘀𝗶𝗱𝘆:
Members of Danish Export – MARINE
DKK 6.690*/ sqm for turnkey package + coordination DKK 4.995* per company.

DKK 7.650*/ sqm for turnkey package + coordination DKK 9.990* per company.

Mandatory SMM payments for Marketing package DKK 4.500 ex VAT per company.

*All prices are excl. VAT and subject to changes based on preliminary budget and changes in currency. The price is excl. flights, local travel, accommodation, printing of your graphics and transportation of own goods.

Coordination and entry fee to be invoiced upon registration.
See more details below.

Farver Mie Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Head of Marine and Head of Cruise & Ferry Mie Jakobsen +45 2173 6336
Farver Inge Lis Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Project Manager Inge Lis Nielsen +45 6020 8555
Update 06.2022

Few available booths in Pavilion of Denmark. Contact us for more information if you are interested.


SMM is back as a physical trade fair in 2022

Registration is open...

SMM is back as a physical trade fair in 2022, and Danish Export MARINE once again offers you a stand at the renowned Pavilion of Denmark that represents leading Danish maritime companies. You get a turn-key exhibition stand and a full-service pack, which means that you can concentrate on focusing only on representing your products and solutions, and leave all practicalities to us.

SMM is an international forum for representatives of shipbuilding and marine equipment from all parts of the world. At SMM you have the opportunity for networking with key players from the global maritime industry. 

The Danish pavilion is well-attended and known for a professional and highly rewarding setup.

Meet the exhibitors
SMM 2016 Pavilion Of Denmark
Key figures:
  • 2,250 exhibitors from 67 countries
  • 90,000 square meters of exhibition space
  • 50,000 visitors from 125 nations

SMM offers conferences on Digitalisation and Green Propulsion, Maritime Safety, Big Data and Offshore Technologies. 

Extras for SMM exhibitors in the Danish Pavilion:

  • Hotel package and booking link for exhibitor in the Danish pavilion will be forwarded automatically upon registration for this event. 
  • Private Lounge - serving lunch as "dansk smørrebrød" from hrs. 11:30-14:00 on exhibtion days.
  • Meeting facilities within the pavilion.

More information will follow when ready.

Pavilion of Denmark  - fra AquaTech 2019

Why join the Danish Pavilion?

Pavilion of Denmark addresses the global marine industry with green solutions, combining quality, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Benefit from...

Premium location. The Danish Pavilion features an open and innovative exhibition area of +2000 sqm. As a part of a national brand your company will benefit from optimal location, important profiling and a high degree of visibility.

Network and important profiling. Participation with the Danish national pavillon includes options of Match Making, marketing initiatives and Social media campaign.

Service. We will take care of the practicalities. The building and dismantling of stands, including interior (chairs, tables, electricity etc.) is being managed for you and a representative from Danish Export MARINE will be present and take care of service in the exhibition area.

Pricing details

Turnkey package* 

Approved for grants:
DKK 5.880/sqm for turnkey stand package plus coordination fee DKK 4.995 per company. 

Mandatory SMM payments for Marketing package DKK 4.500 ex VAT per company.

Without subsidy: 
DKK 6.690/sqm for turnkey stand package for members of the Marine network
DKK 7.650/sqm for turnkey stand package for non-members of the Marine network
Coordination fee DKK 9.990 per company. Members of Marine network acchieve 50 % discount in coordination fee.

Mandatory SMM payments for Marketing package DKK 4.500 ex VAT per company.

Turnkey package includes:        
  • Turnkey exhibition stand (excluding prints/graphics)
  • Building and dismantling of stand
  • Carpet, basic furniture, brochure rack
  • Lights and power consumption on your area
  • Internet (basic connection to check emails)
  • Cleaning - standard package
  • Included in marketing material for the Pavilion of Denmark
  • Registration in the official catalogue and admission cards
  • Side-event (e.g. networking set-up, reception, matchmaking)
  • Coffee, tea, beverages and snacks during the exhibition
  • Ad-hoc assistance during the exhibition


Brochure package (part of joint area)*

DKK 23.070 for members of Marine network 
- incl. SMM mandatory marketing package
- incl. coordination fee

DKK 29.950 for non-members of Marine network 
- incl. SMM mandatory marketing package
- incl. coordination fee

Brochure package includes:    
  • 1 wall for your graphics (print not included)
  • 1 brochure rack
  • Shared marketing and promotion activities
  • Access to meeting table
  • Service and on-site assistance.

Brochure package is for companies without need of showcasing products, and fits primarily 1-2 persons attending the exhibition. The brochure area gives you a base for meetings, profile in catalogue and a place to invite customers to visit. 


*All prices are excl. VAT, graphics, transport, accommodation and subject to changes based on preliminary budget, changes in currency and potential subsidies from the Trade Council. 

Please observe our General terms of business for the Danish Export Association.

  • Co Financed Tilpasset Text Image Slider Modul, 550X500

    Co-financed by the Trade Council

    This event is subsidised by The Trade Council. To participate with subsidy, your company must be eligible to receive subsidies based on the de-minimis-rules and regulations from the Trade Council.

    The de minimis-enactment means that a company can receive public subsidies of maximum EUR 200,000 within a period of three financial years. To receive subsidies, companies must be registered with a Danish VAT-number and complete a business form.

Pavilion of Denmark
  • Pavilion of Denmark  - fra AquaTech 2019

    Pavilion of Denmark – a turnkey package to ease your participation

    By joining the Pavilion of Denmark, your company will be branded as part of a strong Danish sector, but with your own visual identity. Get the full overview of the services you can expect as an exhibitor at Pavilion of Denmark

    Read why you should join here
  • Pavilion Of Denmark Sløret

    (Danish) Guide: Sådan får du maksimalt udbytte af messer

    Hvordan sikrer du, at din virksomhed får optimalt udbytte? Læs med her, hvor vi tager dig gennem hele processen – fra valg af messe til opfølgning på dine leads.

    Læs vores guides her
  • Pavilion Of Denmark, Nyt Look, Seatrade 19

    (Danish) Digitalisering af messeleads: Hvorfor og hvordan?

    Læs med, og få konkrete råd til, hvordan din virksomhed digitaliserer messeopfølgningen.

    Få de konkrete råd
A look at the Pavilion of Denmark at SMM


  • Farver Mie Tilrettet Til Web 2019

    Mie Jakobsen

    Head of Marine and Head of Cruise & Ferry +45 2173 6336
  • Mie Jakobsen

    Head of Marine and Head of Cruise & Ferry

    Mie er frontfigur for Marine- og Cruise & Ferry-netværkene. Med stor erfaring inden for eksport og rådgivning af virksomheder på både strategisk og praktisk niveau kan hun hjælpe dig videre, hvis du vil øge din virksomheds eksport.

    Mie har boet og arbejdet i Hamborg, inden hun blev projektleder hos Dansk-Tysk Handelskammer. Der arbejdede hun i seks år, hvor hun fik erfaring med en lang række brancher – blandt andet transport og logistik. Derudover har Mie rådgivet virksomheder i forbindelse med licitationer i FN-regi.

    Farver Mie Tilrettet Til Web 2019
  • Farver Inge Lis Tilrettet Til Web 2019

    Inge Lis Nielsen

    Project Manager +45 6020 8555
  • Inge Lis Nielsen

    Project Manager

    Inge Lis jonglerer de praktiske bolde på Danish Exports internationale aktiviteter. Hun står for en stor del af både planlægning og medlemskontakt. Derfor er det Inge Lis, der sørger for, at det er nemt for din virksomhed at tage med os på messe.

    Farver Inge Lis Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Meet the exhibitors