Q&A for exhibitors at virtual events using Ubivent


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Technical Questions
Questions about the event



Does it require me to install anything on my computer?

No. Ubivent is a browser-based platform, and can be accessed directly through your favourite browser via a link. Whether you are exhibitor or visitor to the platform, there is no need to install software on your computer. As the platform can be accessed through the browser, you can also participate in the event from your mobile and tablet devices.

Do I have to build or code something myself?

No. You do not have to code or build anything in the system yourself. Our technicians will guide you safely through the process and ensure that you feel safe with using the platform and that the platform lives up to what has been agreed.

You must provide the materials to be uploaded to the platform and used for the event. We will upload and handle the material within the platform.

Can I re-use my booth setup for later events?

Yes. You can use the setup again, however the setup needs to be programmed and coded for a new event and for this reason, there is no cost-reduction by using the same setup twice.

Who will help if something does not work during the event?

We have live support during the event, which ensures that the system is up and running. Our technicians have a hotline directly to Ubivent’s development team, so there is direct access to tech support.

The platform is thoroughly tested and quality assured before the live event according to a set procedure, which ensures that all events live up to the quality requirements.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a digital graphical presentation of a person or a figure. An avatar can be imaginative or it can be made from a photo of an actual person. For this purpose, avatars will be made from pictures of the sales people from the given companies, that will be shown at the booth. The avatars will blend with the booth design and is a key element in replicating the physical world and having a personal look virtually.


The Event

What does on-demand mean?

Being ‘on-demand’ means that visitors can join the event after it has ended. People can re-visit the event and new visitors can sign up after the live event and access all the material.

In ‘on-demand’ mode, videos, downloads, presentations, and other content will be available. Live chat and video calls on the platform are no longer an option. Chat features are converted into contact forms, so visitors are still able to get in touch with you.

Typically, our events are on-demand for 30 days are the end of the live event, but it is individually set for each event.

Reporting – what information do we get?

We have a standard reporting as part of the exhibitor package with all the most important information about the visitors. You will get detailed information on all activities at your booth and engagement with your content. You will get data such as number of visits, length of visits, number of downloads and see who has downloaded what, so you can use the information in your follow-up work.

Is the platform GDPR compliant?

Yes. The platform is GDPR compliant and based in Germany and therefore complies with the latest EU rules. When a visitor signs up for an event, they agree that their contact information is shared with the exhibitors.

What does 'pseudo-live' mean - and what does it require?

‘Pseudo-live’ is a pre-recorded and timed video presentation. It provides security and flexibility and can be supplemented with a follow-up live Q&A or by answering questions in the chat during the presentation. This means that using this feature does not mean losing the interaction with the participants.

A pseudo-live recording does not require more than a webcam and a recording headset to make, but you also have the option of making a more professional recording in advance, which we upload to the system if that is preferred.

Who can help me with live streaming and video recordings?

For webcam recordings, the platform has a built-in ‘webcast’ function, which you will be introduced to before the live event. If you need video recordings, presentations or introductory videos, we can help you find the right partner.

How much do we need to prepare in advance?

We plan the event together with you and make sure to create an overview of the things that must be ready for the start of the event.

You are likely to have some of the material already, e.g. logos, presentations and product sheets. You may need to produce additional material such as white papers and videos, but it is not required.

On the day of the event itself, your only focus is to staff the chat and answer questions from visitors.

Can we use several languages at the same time?

Yes. You have the option of having several languages in the same event, i.e. to upload the material in several versions/languages. It is possible to connect several employees to each chat, and in this way ensure that inquiries are answered in the same language as was asked.

This is not included in every event, so make sure to align your wishes with your contact at Danish Export Association.

How do you attract participants and how do they access the platform?

Depending on the event, we have different co-organisers who have contact with the potential costumers. Their contacts, as well as the exhibitor’s invitation lists will be invited. Furthermore, we will market the event at relevant channels, and suggest for the exhibitors to use theirs and supply relevant materials for promotion matters.

We always strive to have a strong programme that appeals to the challenges and needs of the target audience.

Visitors sign up via a registration page, which is their entry point to the platform. Visitors who have signed up before the live event will receive a reminder with a direct link to the platform.