Why exhibit at a joint virtual promotion?

Virtual export promotions combine the best from the physical and the digital world and create a unique opportunity to reach customers cost-effectively, fast, focused and globally.

What is a joint virtual promotion?

At a joint virtual promotion, you get to exhibit your products or services to new potential customers in a virtual instead of a physical universe. You join forces and exhibit collectively with other companies in one event, but with your own booth within the event.

We do all the work - all the coding, the set-up of your material and we develop promotion material for the event.

All you have to do is to provide us with your company and product/service information and marketing materials and, on the day of the event, to answer questions from visitors.

Why should you take part in a joint virtual promotion?

Joint virtual promotions have numerous advantages for you as well as your customers.

  • For you, joint virtual promotions are a much more cost-effective and time-saving way for you to exhibit your products or services. You can focus entirely on your sales and networking and leave all practical matters to us.
  • For your customers, joint virtual promotions give easy access to a group of Danish solutions within their specific sector – your customers therefore save time having to locate each one of them in different booths.

Virtual export promotions combine the best from the physical and the digital world and create a unique opportunity to reach customers cost-effectively, fast, focused and globally.

This is an example of how an event could look like. Each event will have a unique design and build up, that suits the purpose of the event.

Ubivent design

When attending a joint virtual promotion, you get access to unique features and benefits for a fraction of the price compared to developing and carrying out your own virtual event and international marketing activities.

  • Advantages of joining a virtual promotion hosted by Danish Export Association:

    • The event is organised by trusted suppliers and marketed to the target group
    • Your company is marketed with other companies and thereby achieve positive synergies. This ensures attraction of the right visitors to the event
    • We guide you and help you promote your stand towards your potential customers
    • We take care of the practical and technical work, and you will be guided before, during and after the event
    • You will have access to secure, proven and GDPR-compliant software developed in Germany
  • At a virtual promotion you will be able to:

    • Give presentations to all participants
    • Present your products and services at your own virtual booth
    • Chat and video call with all participants at the event
    • Possibility of breakout space for knowledge sharing between key people / private chat
    • Get a detailed report after the event with a complete overview of who was interested in your products or services

Your role as a participant at a joint virtual promotion

In line with our physical events, Danish Export Association will take care of all practicalities, so you can focus on presenting your solutions to the visitors.

This means that we will take care of the programming and coding, the planning of the event, marketing and inviting visitors. You do not need to install any software or need any technical skills to participate. You will get an introduction on how to make the best use of our platform before the event.

What we need from you:

  • We need you to supply us with the marketing material you wish to showcase at your booth. Typically, we ask you to supply:

    • Company logo
    • PDF brochures presenting your solutions targeted the main audience
    • A product or company presentation - video or PowerPoint format
    • A photo of your sales representative for the market, used for an ‘avatar’ at the booth

We will provide the deadlines for the material when you sign up for the event.

Prior to the event, we suggest you use your SoMe platforms to promote the event to your customers and potential customers. We will supply you with text and visuals for SoMe posts, e-mails and web banners that we urge you to use before and during the event to attract visitors.

During the live event, you need to prioritise time for your sales staff to be ready at the chat.

The Ubivent platform

Virtual promotion drives by Danish Export Association are hosted by the Ubivent-platform, which is developed by meetyoo conferencing gmbh. Read more about the platform here.

The main features at a virtual joint promotion

Each joint virtual promotion is tailored to the purpose of the event, and consists of the following key features, which are designed individually for each event:

Auditorium: In the auditorium, visitors attend presentations and keynote speaks from the given industry. Visitors can watch the presentations on demand if they were unable to attend the live session.
In most events, presentations will be available on demand for 30 days after the live event.

Ubivent Eksempel På Foyer

Chat or video call: Visitors have the option to ask you questions – either in a live chat or by video call at your stand. All chats will be saved for later use, so you can use the information in your follow up after the event.

‘Booth’ - Company presentation and product demonstration: Showcase your products and solutions at a dedicated space where your logo, videos and products are visible virtually. Furthermore, you can chat with visitors or plan video calls with potential customers.

Breakout room: In the breakout room, you can gather a small group of participants for a video meeting, where you can go into detail on a specific topic. Unlike video calls, these are open calls for everyone to join.

Lead reports: After the live event, you will receive a lead report from the event. You can see who visited your booth, who read your marketing material, and get to know who was interested in your products or services.

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