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Digital Export Promotion Program: Driving complex sales - digitally

An initiative targeting the after sales market in the global wind industry

Danish Export Association is proud to present a completely new way to run export promotion programs for B2B companies in the global wind industry.

Most SMEs – especially in the B2B segment - lack the resources and the competences to drive efficient, digital export campaigns by themselves.

Hence, a consolidated approach where several companies with complementary offerings are pooled together - like on a traditional export promotion tour - can benefit SMEs significantly. Contrary to traditional export promotion tours, digital transformation of export promotion has several advantages which you can get an overview of below.

Webinar on demand

Watch our webinar where we will give you further insights in the program, the IT platform and your benefits of it. The webinar is available on demand below.

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Wind Turbines

Why digital export promotion

  1. You can reach customers online in several markets at the same time (also when there are travel restrictions).
  2. You can target several individuals in a company (normally, there are multiple decision makers you need to approach).
  3. You don’t depend on the relations you build, when you are on a short delegation tour (where you may not even get to meet the real decision makers).
  4. Potential customers are exposed to Danish strongholds and solutions over a longer period of time to stimulate interest.
  5. You win the customer when THEY are ready to buy. Not when you are ready to sell.
  6. You are visible and accessible 24/7
We are targeting this project towards Danish companies within the global wind industry, specifically companies focusing on the after sales market. 

The market within service and retrofit in the wind industry is growing rapidly and it is a market with a large amount of end users. Processing all of these is a huge job, where cold canvas is dominant in a large part of the sales work. 

Through this project, Danish suppliers to the global wind industry gets the chance to save time and ressources because the end users and potential leads are nurtured and being moved further down the sales funnel.

The participating companies thereby get more qualified leads to reach out to. As a participant you also get knowledge of new potential leads in an industry where the amount of wind farms, and thereby potentiel customers, are growing continuously.

Vindmoeller Ved Traer

How does it work?

Danish Export Association has teamed up with Affiinity who has developed the IT platform that will be used for running the digital export promotion programs.

The platform is a complex marketing and sales automation & CRM system with several “add ons” that allow us to listen to market response, obtain interests/leads, respond to customers and track and score the leads/contacts obtained – all automised. This enables us to involve, nurture, nudge and convert the right target audience to take interest in offerings and the participating companies.

The project will run in 4 steps where the starting point of the proces is to gather companies with offerings to the same international target groups. All participating companies in a campaign should have relevant offerings to a preselected target group. The participants are asked to submit brief descriptions of their company and their value propositions.

Hereafter follows a proces where a campaign site is setup as a landing site for referred customers coming from the campaign. Once the site “learns” about the customers’ preferences, it automatically adjusts itself according to who is looking and what they are looking for. Companies interested in specific solutions will then be guided towards the relevant companies or offerings.

The platform will handle all digital dialogue and “score” the incoming contacts, as we allocate points to the different steps a customer can take in the digital relation with the participants. From browsing the campaign site, over downloading material to participating in a (virtual) meeting/webinar. The more “committing” the interaction is – the more points are rewarded.

Once a customer reach a given number of points, an alert will be activated and send to the participating company, informing that the customer has shown sufficient interest and may be ready for a physical meeting or phone call. All data is transparent, and we can compare results across campaigns – allowing participants to learn and improve from one campaign to the next.


Participating in the digital export promotion does not require any digital sales skills on your side, but we need your active participation during the project.

What you need to invest and deliver:

–Send your sales- and marketing materials (in English) according to the provided guidelines

–Participate in a workshop (half a day)

–Active participation during the project: Sharing best practice and learnings

Price: 13.675,- dkk

The digital export promotion will run for 6 months.

The process will start with a workshop including all participating companies. The workshop will take place ultimo november.

If you want to know more about the project, you are more than welcome to participate in a free webinar where we will present the IT sulution and your benefits of it further. The webinar will take place on October 26th and you can see the program and registre your participation here.

The project is supported by:


  • Farver Ulrik Tilrettet Til Web 2019

    Ulrik Dahl

    CEO +45 3031 8788 uld@danishexport.dk
  • Ulrik Dahl


    Ulrik står i spidsen for Danish Export Association, men du kan også finde ham på gulvet, når vi rejser ud i verden med danske eksportvirksomheder. Med et stort globalt netværk og mange års erfaring inden for eksport kan han sparre med dig om markedsvalg og eksportstrategi samt hjælpe med at åbne de rigtige døre.

    Ulrik har haft fokus på at fremme dansk eksport det meste af sin karriere. Derfor har han stor viden om markeder, forretningskultur, virksomheder, organisationer og etablering i udlandet. Ledelse og management af eksport er også blandt hans spidskompetencer.

    Han trækker blandt andet på erfaring fra sit eget konsulentfirma, der havde fokus på Japan, en stilling som handelsattaché ved generalkonsulatet i Shanghai og en lang række lederkurser.

    Ulrik skriver både sælger, agent, konsulent, virksomhedsejer, MBA, bestyrelsesformand og diplomat på CV’et.

    Du kan møde Ulrik på en række af vores aktiviteter og høre fra ham i vores nyhedsbreve, som du kan tilmelde dig her.

    Farver Ulrik Tilrettet Til Web 2019
  • Farver Tanja Tilrettet Til Web 2019

    Tanja Hai

    Head of Communications & Marketing +45 2252 2906 tha@danishexport.dk
  • Tanja Hai

    Head of Communications & Marketing

    Tanja arbejder med marketing og kommunikation ud fra et strategisk mind set, og hun kan hjælpe dig med at rykke din marketingindsats frem og skabe resultater, der bidrager til bundlinjen.

    Med mere end ti års erfaring som kommunikationsrådgiver kan Tanja sparre med dig og udvikle din markedsføring, så den understøtter forretningen og skærer igennem hos målgruppen. Hun har erfaring med en bred vifte af discipliner og kan fx hjælpe dig med at få lagt en marketingstrategi, at udarbejde konkrete presseindsatser og cases eller ruste dig til at skrive journalistisk.

    Farver Tanja Tilrettet Til Web 2019