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HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards

Vinder Business Excellence

About the award

HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards is awarded to individuals or companies abroad who present an outstanding effort in promoting sustainable Danish products, services and values worldwide.

The award ceremony takes place at Amalienborg Palace on August 27, 2021

One award is given within three different categories. The award can be presented to persons, agents, distributors, subsidiaries or companies based abroad.

Award categories

The three award categories are: Business Excellence, Green Solutions and Export Achievement. One recipient will be chosen within each of the three categories.

  • The Business Excellence Award focuses on outstanding practices in managing the organisation and achieving results - all based on a set of fundamental concepts or values. Read the full description here.
  • The Green Solutions Award focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals, mainly but not limited to the international climate goals. Read the full description here.
  • The Export Achievement Award focuses on companies that have launched a highly efficient export initiative and successfully penetrated export markets or segments. Read the full description here.

Important dates

  • March 31, 2021: Deadline for nominations
  • May 21, 2021: One recipient within each of the three categories is chosen
  • August 27, 2021: Award ceremony at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark 

How to nominate?

Anyone may nominate a candidate who is a person, agent, distributor, Danish subsidiary or company based abroad and presenting an outstanding effort in promoting Danish sustainable products, services and/or businesses.

To nominate a candidate, please fill in the nomination form (download below this section) and e-mail it to Sebastian Schwarz, Danish Export Association, at ses@danishexport.dk.

Deadline for nominations: March 31, 2021

Criteria for recipients

The Jury of the HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards takes it as a prerequisite that recipients of the prizes live up to the following criteria:

  • The recipient is not involved in or associated with international tax avoidance or tax reduction schemes in any way
  • The recipient is in compliance with local and European regulations of state aid and public grant schemes
  • The recipient is in compliance with general good business practice and is not associated with any criminal activities
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Nomination forms

Download nomination forms here.

Business Excellence Til Spotbox

Business Excellence

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Green Solutions Til Spotbox

Green Solutions

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Export Achievement Til Spotbox

Export Achievement

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HRH Crown Prince Frederik (3)
HRH Crown Prince Frederik, Award Ceremony 2020, Amalienborg Palace

Why nominate?

HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards is awarded just once a year, so any recipient will join an exclusive club. Receiving such an award is considered a huge honour and will make you an ambassador for Danish business worldwide. Not to mention the PR possibilities that royal recognition can bring to your business.

Award ceremony

The award is given once a year at an award ceremony at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is arranged by the jury and Danish Export Association.

The award ceremony is attended by HRH Crown Prince Frederik, the recipients of the award, representatives of the Danish government, sponsors, the award jury, and representatives of Danish Export Association.

The award will be presented by HRH Crown Prince Frederik.

  • “Danish companies offer products and solutions that contribute to promoting the agenda of sustainability internationally. With this award, we honour the outstanding effort that both well-established and upcoming companies represent in this regard.”
    HRH Crown Prince Frederik
  • “Clearly we were very honoured to receive the award, and announcing it across our social media platforms generated very positive feedback. However, the award’s most important impact is in fact on our own organisation and partners, as the award has given our organisation a greater feeling of self-worth. What we are doing is being noticed, and this in turn helps us define ourselves. It will be interesting to evaluate the award’s impact 7 years down the road. It has certainly spurred us to further raise our ambitions for the future.”
    Lars Fabricius, Managing Director, SAV Systems
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HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards

HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards is awarded to individuals or companies abroad who present an outstanding effort in promoting sustainable Danish products and services worldwide.

Recipients 2020

Find a short presentation of the three recipients of the awards from 2020 in the image slides below.

The third category in 2020, "Newcomer of The Year", has been modified and is for the award in 2021 called "Export Achievement Award". 

  • Vinder Business Excellence

    Recipient, Business Excellence

    The Business Excellence Award was in 2020 awarded to British SAV Systems that offers optimate indoor climate systems with least possible energy waste. Sav systems is a central distributor for Kamstrup A/S on the British market and have delivered impressive results for Kamstrup A/S. Through close cooperation, SAV Systems offers solutions adapted to the British market and its demands.

  • Vinder Green Solutions

    Recipient, Green Solutions

    The Green Solutions Award was in 2020 awarded to RATE Australia Pty. Ltd. that specializes in passenger bridges and other airport equipment.

    RATE Australia Pty. Ltd. is a distributor for ITW GSE that has achieved great success in the Australian airport industry. RATE saw the potential in ITW's new battery-powered power supply, where they invented a solution to store surplus electricity from a large photovoltaic system. The airport then uses this energy during normal operation or during peak loads. In this way, RATE's innovative approach benefits not only the customer, but also ITW and the entire ITW distributor network, that gains new knowledge and inspiration.

  • Vinder Newcomer Of The Year

    Recipient, Newcomer of The Year

    The Newcomer of The Year Award was in 2020 awarded to Green Instruments USA Inc., owned by Green Instruments A/S. The parent company develops and produces monitoring equipment primarily for the marine industry, where global environmental legislation in particular is the driving force. Since its inception, the subsidiary has contributed with customer-oriented product development. It has delivered results in the United States that have increased demand, created growth in well-known industries and strengthened Green Instruments' level of service in the US market.

About the award

Since 1982, HRH Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour has been awarded to individuals and companies who present an outstanding effort in promoting Danish products and services abroad.

HRH Crown Prince Frederik carries on his father’s legacy with his very own award – HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards.

Danish Export Association runs the award in cooperation with the Royal Danish Court and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The jury

Chairman: HRH Crown Prince Frederik

Deputy Chairman: Henrik Mørkholt Sørensen, Chairman of the Board, Danish Export Association

Representative of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Steen Hommel, State Secretary for Trade and Global Sustainability

The jury also consists of three permanent and three rotating members appointed for three years by the Danish Export Association:

Business Excellence:

- Permanent member: Poul Due Jensen, Group President/CEO, Grundfos
- Rotating member: Natascha Sandberg Hytting, Senior Commercial Director, Pressalit

Green Solutions:

- Permanent member: Hanne Christensen, President, CEO, Force Technology
- Rotating member: Ulrich Ritsing, Sales- and Marketing Director, C.C. Jensen

Export Achievement:

- Permanent member: Henrik Uhd Christensen, CEO, Viking-Life Saving Equipment
- Rotating member: Evita Rosdahl, CEO, Jeros

International Business Awards Sponsors


The sponsors of HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards make it possible to present this prestigious award.