Webinar: Aquaculture focus - current and expected future developments in the Chilean industry

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Aquaculture in Chile

Aquaculture in Chile by far represents the majority of the total fish production in Chile, amounting to approx. 90 % of the total fish production in the country.

Bjarne Nielsen, Commercial Advisor - Food, Agri- & Aquaculture at The Trade Council of Denmark in Latin America (Santiago, Chile) will give an introduction to the Chilean aquaculture industry, what is its current state and what are the trends and development tendencies seen in the industry. Bjarne will talk about important players within the industry, the announced and upcoming measures from authorities and the development plans to accommodate the increasing requirements from the Chilean authorities. Bjarne will give his take on the challenges and opportunities currently observed in the aquaculture industry in Chile and how this may affect the possibilities for Danish technology and equipment suppliers to the aquaculture industry. Finally Bjarne will give a brief introduction to the Chilean (business) culture and how this should be taken into consideration for Danish companies wanting to do business and introduce their products/solutions to the Chilean aquaculture industry.

We are also working on having a Chilean salmon producer joining the webinar to give a presentation on their operations, their facilities and current opportunities and challenges seen from inside the industry. We will also focus on their development plans for the years to come and whether they are looking into acquisition of new technology in the future and how Danish technology suppliers could be taken into consideration for their facilities.

The webinar will be held in English

Meet the speaker
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    Bjarne Nielsen, Commercial Advisor, Royal Danish Embassy in Santiago Chile

    Bjarne is Commercial Advisor for Food, Agri- & Aquaculture at The Trade Council of Denmark covering Latin America. Bjarne has been located in Santiago Chile and working for the Trade Council since 2019.

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