Webinar: Akvakulturfokus - Opportunities for collaboration between US state of Maine and Denmark - 22. oktober



15:00 Danish time




Participation is free of charge. For more information follow the link below.

The webinar will be held in English.

Farver Martin Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Head of Fish Tech Martin Winkel Lilleøre +45 6020 8557

The Danish Trade Council in North America and Ramboll are teaming up to build opportunities for innovation and collaboration between companies in the aquaculture industry in the webinar series: Opportunities for Growth and Collaboration within the Aquaculture Industry throughout Maine, US and Denmark.

Maine is home to world-class ocean fisheries and poised for expansion into land-based fish-farming to supply the North American fish and seafood market. Denmark enjoys a similar world-class fishing tradition and is a leader in equipment and technologies applied in the aquaculture industry. This webinar series will showcase experts from the US and Denmark who will share business insights and build matchmaking opportunities to create collaboration in the aquaculture industry and investment opportunities. 

In our first session, Ramboll's Richard Wenning and the Danish Trade Council's Tine Hasling Rasmussen, together with Dana Eidsness of the Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO) at Maine International Trade Center (MITC) and Martin Winkel Lilleoere of Danish Export - Fish Tech, will discuss Maine's and Denmark's positions in the aquaculture market and explore opportunities for growth.

Read more about the first webinar session and register via this link