Water & Wastewater Workshops in China, January 2021

Join our Water and Wastewater Workshops with six of the largest Chinese EPC/utilities, and meet some of our Chinese co-operation partners and learn about their strategies, and the possibilities for co-operation


18.01.2021 - 29.01.2021




Price: 13.000 DKK for all workshops.
Price is in Danish Kroner, ex VAT, and ex. Travel costs, insurance and hotel. Lunch and dinner connected to the events and joint local transportation is included. The workshops are partially subsidized by the Trade Council, so the price is subject to your company being eligible for the approved subsidy.

Farver Ilse Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Head of Project Management Ilse Korsvang +45 5089 4488
Farver Lixia Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Project Consultant Lixia Duan +45 6020 8565

Water & Wastewater Workshops in China, January 2021

Through the U-S-E Water project and together with the locally established Water China member companies, we have been working hard on setting up co-operation with large Chinese EPC/utilities. In Oct./Nov. 2020 we visited 18 large companies, and experienced a real breakthrough, as 12 companies expressed their interest in establishing co-operation with us, including potential mutual reference packages or projects. Thus, we have now agreed to start with workshops in January with the following six companies:

  • Penyao Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. - 19/01-2021
  • Thunip Corp.,Ltd. – 20/01 or 22/01
  • Beijing Capital Water Group - 21/01-2021
  • Shenzhen Water and Bao’an Water - 25/01
  • Guangdong Xinhuan Environment Group Co., Ltd.  - 26/01
  • Jinan Municipal Engineering Design Institute 28 – 29/1-2021

And potentially:

  • Shanghai Chengtou Water Group

The workshop in Shenzhen will focus on Water and Wastewater, whereas in the others we will start by focusing on wastewater and resource recovery.

About the event

We will prepare a handout for the events, including one page for each of the participating companies.

The workshops will be held in the afternoon Chinese time, so that companies in Denmark may join via Teams from early morning.

All events will be simultaneously translated to English, and we will organize for transport in China, where relevant. 
We have invited our partners for dinners in the evening, and you are most welcome to join, so that you will have more opportunities to build relations with the Chinese partners/EPC/utilities, and the fellow Danish companies.

Our Chinese/Danish colleagues Jingquan Lu and Lixia Duan will go to China and organize the events, and VCS Denmark will take part online. Companies in Denmark may also participate online.

Presently our plan is to be in Shanghai, Beijing and Jinan in week 3, and Shenzhen in week 4. We have room for max 2 people per company, but you may appoint different sales people to take part in the different areas.