Water Tech - Market Visit to Frankfurt, Germany

Danish Export - Water Tech in cooperation with "Netzwerk für den deutschen Mittelstand" (BVMW) take pleasure in inviting you to a water industry visit to Frankfurt, Germany from 20-22 March 2023.


20.03.2023 - 22.03.2023




With BREXIT subsidy
DKK 9.469 per company incl. max. 2 participants per company, ground transport in Germany, dinner day 1, reception day 2, and lunch both days.
The price is excl. of VAT, flights, hotel

To be eligible for BREXIT subsidy the rules of "de-minimis-subsidies apply and your company must additionally be “impacted by BREXIT”. You must document this in your de-minimis application. Read more about it here.

Without subsidy
DKK 19.469 per company incl. max. 2 participants per company, ground transport in Germany, dinner day 1, reception day 2, and lunch both days.
The price is excl. of VAT, flights, hotel

The trip is based on a minimum of 7 participating companies.

Deadline for registration: 28 February 2023
Subject to availability - based on first come-first served basis.

Jesper Kjelds Head of Water Tech danish export / dansk eksport
Head of Water Tech Jesper Kjelds +45 6120 1699

The focus and objective with the delegation trip is for Danish companies to meet with German water technology companies to create relationships and cooperation agreements for new sales channels in the German market and potentially internationally.

Participating companies will also visit and meet with water-consuming industrial companies where water is a critical and economic factor in production. Participants will get the opportunity to understand the industry's challenges and pitch own solutions and technologies.

Join this 3-day program and strengthen your chances of becoming a supplier and expanding your sales to key customers in the German water industry.

Be part of a focused and dedicated group of Danish water technology companies of know-how, technologies, components, and solutions for the water sector, who will visit German water technology manufactures and German companies, where water plays a central role in their production within e.g. food, energy, or other production.

We are planning two other delegation trips to Germany; to Düsseldorf in September and to Stuttgart in December.

Why participate?

  • As a Danish technology company, you should join the delegation trip because

    1. As Europe’s largest economy, Germany is accelerating its focus and investments in green transition across all sectors – energy savings is very important.
    2. The race for climate and energy neutrality is high on the agenda in the German water sector, both public and private sector.
    3. Water and energy efficient water technologies and solutions are in high demand.
    4. Water companies and industries are looking towards smart digitally enabled water technologies to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

    Danish companies and technologies are well known and enjoy a high degree of respect across Germany.


    Participating in the program is your opportunity to:

    • Meet and build relations with top water tech companies in Germany, and other important players in the industry.
    • Promote your capabilities to relevant R & D contacts, production engineers, and sourcing & procurement departments.
    • Gain an understanding of development trends in the water industry in the region.

    In parallel, this program offers you excellent opportunity to find inspiration by sharing knowledge and experience with the other Danish participating companies.


    As a participant you will get:

    • Knowledge of business opportunities and the potential of the German market in the region.
    • Possibility to establish concrete partner agreements and cooperation opportunities.
    • Opportunity to promote and sell (B2B) Danish solutions, services, and products.
    • Possibility to uncover sales opportunities in the region via partner agreements and indirect exports.
  • "When we visit Germany backed by the Danish Export Association, it opens doors and gets more players on the field, than if we seek out the customers ourselves. We also experience a higher degree of respect and acknowledgement because we are seen as more professional and competent as part of a strong Danish brand."
    Søren Holther Rasmussen Danish Clean Water Søren Hother Rasmussen, Danish Clean Water
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    Matchmaking: Meet new German partners

    Danish Export has established a close partnership with BVMW, who represent 900.000 SMVs throughout Germany. We are collaborating with BVMW to identify and invite the relevant German water technology companies for discussions, networking, and partnering opportunities.

    At the Water Tech network meeting on 1 September 2022, held at the Danish General Consulate in Hamburg, a number of Danish companies met with by BVMW invited German water tech companies and had some fantastic and productive networking discussions. Already two companies have on-going and close dialog with German companies about collaboration and partnering.

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The market and opportunities

The new German government's focus on reforms within digitalization, energy, and climate is the obvious opportunity to increase Danish exports. It is precisely here that we can contribute with our crucial know-how and ground-breaking technology. Germany is the biggest export market for Danish water solutions and the potential for growth is significant.

Climate change, demographic effects, exploitation of natural resources, digitization, and changing requirements in water-intensive industries are directly impacting the sustainability of water systems, creating demand for new solutions that improve efficiency and water quality standards.

The German water market (utilities and industries) are looking to solution that have a high degree of digitalization and provide energy savings. Utilities (public wastewater treatment plants and sewers) the expected annual investment is in the order of DKK 45-55 billion. More than 10,000 Danish companies export to Germany, which provides for 115,000 Danish jobs.  Out of all these Danish companies there are quite a few water technology companies that are well known and respected.

"If we can, then we must" intensify our efforts in the area of energy, water, and climate in Europe's largest country. It makes sense.

Read more here and here.

Germany Trade & Invest have also made a fact sheet about Environmental Technologies in Germany, that you can downloade here.

Tentative program

  • Day 1

    • Arrive in Frankfurt
    • Joint dinner with BVMW representatives and local businesses
  • Day 2

    • Morning: meeting with selected German water technology companies. After introductions each company will have a chance to introduce themselves with short presentations (pitches) of participating Danish companies (technologies, USP) followed by a presentation of the German company and a tour of the company (production).
    • Afternoon: we continue with dialogue, workshops, and matchmaking with German water technology companies from the region. The workshop begins with short (pitches) presentations by participating companies, followed by round table discussions, matchmaking, and dialogue between Danish and German companies.
    • Social dinner with participating German companies.
  • Day 3

    • All Day: We will visit two industrial companies (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), where water is a central part of production within food, energy, or other production in the region. The industry company will present own production, challenges, and plans followed by short presentations from participating Danish companies. Tour of the facility with the opportunity for participants to ask questions and highlight their own products. The visit ends with a short wrap up and review of follow-up.
    • Travel to airport and depart Frankfurt
  • Update

    The meeting program will be updated continuously as we make appointments with German companies.

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Regional Market Report

As a participant you will receive a detailed water market report for the Frankfurt region, that will contain information e.g. such as:

    • Marketsvolume and it’s development
    • Utilities and company structures
    • 10 most important players
    • Tendencies, challenges, and opportunities
    • Important event such as expos and congress

You will receive a copy of the report one month prior to the delegation trip.

Participants can, at a reduced rate, order an individual and customized water sector Markmonitor report. You can read more about the Marktmonitor report here.

The project is supported by the Trade Council & EU

To know more contact: