Water Talks April 2023 - Monitoring and Managing N2O emissions from WWTPs







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Water Talks #3 - Monitoring and Managing N2O emissions from WWTPs
Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) contribute significantly to the global greenhouse gas (GHG) stock through the emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O), and the increase of the wastewater N2O emission factor (EFN2O) by IPCC2019 underlines this. Learnings from long-term monitoring campaigns confirm that N2O emissions vary significantly and emphasize the need for conducting exhaustive on-site monitoring of the N2O emissions. To mitigate the inherent water sector emission without compromising effluent quality, it becomes highly relevant to promote reliable online monitoring and control strategies targeted at understanding and reducing N2O emissions from WRRFs.

Mikkel Holmen Andersen from Unisense A/S will present and show +4 years of continuous N2O measurements, examples of GHG management, and how regulation can be a driver for data driven N2O control strategies to significantly reduce emissions.


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Meet the Speaker
  • Mikkel Holmen Andersen

    Mikkel Holmen Andersen, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Unisense A/S

    Lead the development and proof-of-concept of the world’s only dissolved nitrous oxide sensor for wastewater monitoring and GHG emission control leading to the spin-off company Unisense Environment. Managing a highly specialized team of electronic and software engineers in the design and production of high-end measurement systems. Working extensively with equipment for environmental monitoring for wastewater N2O mitigation controllers and modelling focused on the sensor technology, including novel aeration, COD, and deammonification controls with real-time GHG monitoring.


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