Water Talks April 2023







Free of charge – Exclusively for members of Danish Export Water Tech

Jesper Kjelds Head of Water Tech danish export / dansk eksport
Head of Water Tech Jesper Kjelds +45 6120 1699
Kristina Strunge Nygaard Member Relations Coordinator danish export / dansk eksport
Member Relations Coordinator Kristina Strunge Nygaard +45 3171 0313

Water Talks – Check in with your network colleagues from Danish Export - Water Tech
Water Talks is your opportunity for knowledge-sharing with and learning from your network colleagues' experience without having to start the car - simply turn on your laptop and have the chance to discuss current topics, opportunities, and market challenges with your peers.  

During 2023 a row of Water Talks will be held online as your opportunity to check in with your network colleagues and gain knowledge between in person events. Each Water Talk will have a current theme, a speaker with knowledge about the theme and a duration of 45 to 60 minutes.


Calendar Invite
After registration you will receive a confirmation, that you have signed up for the Water Talk. The date and time for each session will be sent out as a calendar appointment in proper time before each meeting and will contain a link for the session.


Before each Water Talks you will receive a meeting request with link and participant list.

  • Please log in 5 min. before the session for technical start-up and image-/sound testing.
  • Water Talks will be held through Teams with sound and image, so that we can see each other and have a productive dialogue.
  • Each Water Talk session is scheduled for 45-60 minutes incl. wrapping up.
  • Each session will include a short presentation from the speaker and the floor is afterwards yours to discuss the topic of the day.
  • The meeting is an informal platform for you to share knowledge or ask your network colleagues questions related to a specified topic.