Virtual Delegation: South Korean Healthcare

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and The Embassy of Denmark in South Korea with support from Danish Export – Health Tech invite you to join three days of virtual business meetings with Korean stakeholders including companies, hospitals and government officials with a special COVID-19 subsidy from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


27.10.2020 - 29.10.2020

From 8-11 am at October 27-29




2.500 DKK

Farver Thomas Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Head of Health Tech Thomas Andersen +45 2447 8502

The Virtual Delegation focuses on bridging Danish exporters with Korean potential partners and healthcare professionals. During the virtual delegation, Danish companies will have the opportunity to present their services and products to a variety of strategic stakeholders in Korea, including industry experts, researchers, hospital management staff, and Korean companies and distributors.


Laege Og Pationt Paa Hospitalsgang

In response to the pandemic, the South Korean government has recently launched the ‘Korean New Deal’ for getting the economy up and running post COVID-19 by utilising the market forces. Thanks to an effective ‘testtrack-treat’ approach enabled in large part by the country’s high level of digital development, as well as citizen cooperation, South Korea has managed to keep the number of cases and fatalities impressively low, while at the same time keeping the country and its businesses open.

The New Deal consists of three parts, one of which is the ‘Digital New Deal’ aimed at expanding the field of digital technologies and AI in healthcare and government. As a part of the Digital New Deal the Korean government plans, among other things, to build 18 ‘smart hospitals’ which through the use of AI, 5G and IoT will enable real-time monitoring of patients and create the foundation for an increasingly interdisciplinary approach in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Why Join?

With an allocated budget of 38.5 trillion KRW the Digital New Deal holds the promise of rapid innovation as well as plenty of opportunities in the tech and health-tech industries. Thus while private healthcare spending is expected to decrease for a time in response to COVID-19, the government’s investment in the Korean New Deal will provide a significant boost to the sector, creating plenty of opportunities for companies working with digital solutions to healthcare problems, hospital equipment, and innovation in health care in general.


27 October 2020 - Introduction and presentations to DK companies
  • 8-9am:
    Intro of Korea (by Danish Ambassador and Trade Counsellor), Health sector introduction by Commercial Officer.
  • 9-10am:
    Presentation by Danish devices company present in Korea, Korean local company doing business in Korea.
  • 10-11am:
    Regulatory framework for medical companies by an expert.
28 October 2020 - B2B Meetings
  • 8-9am:
    DK companies presentations.
  • 9-11am:
    B2B individualized meeting.
    For the first hour, all invited Korean companies will listen to DK companies presentations. Then for next two hours, each DK company will be matched up with Korean companies who are identified with their interests for individualized meetings.
29 October 2020- Stakeholders meetings
  • 8-10am:
    Presentations by Korean expert about “Digital New Deal – Smart Hospitals” and Korean hospital representative about their plans for digitization.
  • 10-11am:
    DK companies presentations.
    Subject to changes, depending on how quickly the government comes up with more detailed plan about the smart hospitals.