Seafood Expo Russia 2021 - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Join the Pavilion of Denmark at Seafood Expo Russia 2021 - a strong gateway to the Russian fishing industry


06.07.2021 - 08.07.2021


Saint Petersburg, Russia



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The leading industry event dedicated the fishery and aquaculture industry in Russia 

Seafood Expo Russia is targeting the entire value chain in the fish and seafood industry, from aquaculture and fisheries to processing, packaging and commercialization of the fish/seafood as finished end-user products. The event has in only few years become a leading meeting place for the industry in Russia. Both the fisheries, aquaculture and related processing industry in Russia are undergoing a transformation and benefit from political focus and a 2030 Strategy Plan to modernize the target industries for Seafood Expo Russia. 

An attractive business platform for Danish suppliers to the Russian market

In 2019 Russia Seafood Expo Russia attracted more than 9.600 qualified industry professionals; stake holders, buyers and decision makers from more than 42 regions of Russia as well as international visitors. Visitors represented key-players from the Russian fisheries, aquaculture and fish processing industries with 84% of the visitors having top decision authority and buying power. 

Who will you meet at Seafood Expo Russia?

According to the post-show report from Seafood Expo Russia 2019 the visitors were actively looking for solutions and equipment for all parts of the value chain in the industries fish farming, fisheries, ship building, processing and packaging. Focus and interests among the trade visitors were identified as follows:

  • 38% Aquaculture: feeds & equipment
  • 67% Seafood processing equipment  
  • 65% Fishing gear 
  • 27% Packaging solutions
  • 31% Ship building & repair
  • 36% Ship equipment & navigation systems
  • 34% Refrigeration/freezing
And the visitors profiles were amont other qualified as follows: 
  • 24% Fishing companie
  • 32% Processing companies
  • 11% Fish farms 
  •   7% Shipowner 

Seafood Expo Russia is a perfect platform to present your soltuions and get at wide reach within the Russian fisheries, aquaculture and processing industry and the event offers an ideal opportunity to connect with Russian key-buyers and establish new business relations.


The industry in brief

The Russian authorities in 2018 implemented a long-term development and growth strategy plan (towards 2030) for the Russian fisheries, fish processing and aquaculture sector, which is intended to support and boost the development of the sector and assure that these industries can meet the ambitious goal of doubling Russia’s revenues from seafood exports by 2024.

Strategy development plan

The Strategy development plan is targeting both the aquaculture, processing and fisheries industries in Russia. Russia’s aquaculture industry is aiming at tripling its production by 2030 and the Russian fishing fleet has started undergoing a complete renewal with already 33 fishing vessels under construction and 22 new processing plants being currently build across the country – all scheduled to enter into operation between 2021 – 2023. The Russian fishing industry is undergoing a true transformation and upgrade these years.

Modernization of the Russian fishing industry

The investment quotas progam was introduced by the Russian government in 2017 as an incentive to encourage national fisheries and companies operating within the fishing industry in Russia to upgrade their aging fleets and have new ships built at Russian shipyard.  

Three application rounds for the quotas program in 2018/2019 have resulted in projects for construction of more than 40 fishing vessels towards 2025 and more than 20 coastal fish processing facilities, meaning a considerable modernization of the Russian fishing fleet and fish processing industry. This proces may over the coming years offer new opportunities for Danish equipment and solutions suppliers to these industries.  

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) is one of the big players in Russia, who has actively used the new mechanism, and is planning to construct 10 super trawlers and three processing plants under the program. The first super trawlers are expected to be commissioned by 2021 and the first processing plant has already been put into operation in 2019 in the Murmansk region and another plant is already under construction in Vladivostok.

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Pavilion of Denmark Seafood Expo Russia

Danish Export - Fish Tech is organizing a Pavilion of Denmark at Seafood Expo Russia 2021 to support Danish companies in seizing the current opportunities in the Russian fisheries, fish processing and aquaculture industries.

The development is supported by a strong focus and investments in the industries made by both private investors, industry players and public authorities

Participation on Pavilion of Denmark at Russsia Seafood Expo 2021 can help to profile your company and your solutions towards relevant key industry players in Russia.

In order to gain success with your business in Russia it is a must to be visible and present to develop and nurture business relationsships with existing and potential customers, distributors and other professionals.

Your paticipation on Pavilion of Denmark at Russia Seafood Expo can be your gateway to the Russian market. 

We will take care of many of the practicalities prior to and during the exhibition, so you can focus on what is essential to you, the dialogue with existing and potential customers to boost your sales and to assure you get the most out of your participation at Seafood Expo Russia. 

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