Polagra 2022


26.09.2022 - 28.09.2022


Poznan, Poland



  • Danish Export Association (Eksportforeningen)


DKK 3.350,- /m2 *
(before subsidy: DKK 6.700,- /m2)

A service fee of DKK 4.995,- per company will be added.Prices are ex VAT, travel, lodging, and print costs.

* maximum subsidy is achieved at 15m2. Additional area DKK 4.850,- /m2

Farver Susanne Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Project Manager & Head of Food Tech Susanne Holm +45 6020 8564
Brian Boelt, Danish Export Association
Head of Subcontractor Brian Boelt +45 4055 8721

The Polagra exhibition is an event with the longest business tradition, dedicated to the food industry and the HoReCa sector. Polagra is the only event for the food industry in Poland, and it is your access to the Polish food processing market.

At Polagra, food producers and distributors are ready to meet you. They are looking for new customers, products, services, and they want to talk about the future.

The exhibition is separated into three zones: Food, FoodTech, and Horeca, where the Pavilion of Denmark is located in the FoodTech zone. This zone is a meeting place for management, purchasing managers, and technical specialists from the food producers who are involved in food production, food technology, and maintenance. Here are the latest solutions in food safety, monitoring, energy efficiency, and cost control represented. These topics are relevant in the Polish food processing market which gives Danish companies new opportunities for their solutions.


Product groups at Polagra in the FoodTech Zone:

  • Machines and equipment for various branches of the food industry
  • Machinery and equipment for the confectionery and ice cream industry
  • Machines for forming, dosing and packaging of food industry products
  • Package and packaging machines
  • Control and measuring equipment
  • Hygiene and pest protection 
  • Components and additions
  • Food and bakery mixes
  • Devices

Let us handle the practicalities and let you focus on your customers

When you exhibit at Pavilion of Denmark, we service you throughout the exhibition process.

Before the show, we handle contact with the organiser of IFFA and inform you of all practical information such as deadlines, parking facilities, which busses to take from the city to the venue, and we send you the papers that you must fill out.

We make sure that your booth is ready when you arrive as well as dismantled after the exhibition. At least one representative from Danish Export is present during the show. We have coffee, snacks and drinks for you and your guests, and if you have questions we have or will find the answer for you.

In other words – you can concentrate on networking and maintaining good relations with your customers and partners.

Your to-do list

Now that we take care of the practical issues, you will have plenty of time to focus on the tasks that will really boost your business, e.g.

  • Investigate the market within meat and identify your most important prospects
  • Invite VIP guests and book meetings for the exhibition
  • Connect with the other Danish exhibitors at Pavilion of Denmark – you can share knowledge about customers and projects throughout the show
  • Be ready, available, and accessible at the exhibition floor. Since we provide you with snacks and drinks, there is no need to leave your booth
  • Follow up on your leads as soon as the exhibition is over – we will take care of dismantling your booth
  • Brian Og Susanne

    Meet Susanne and Brian – your organisers

    They will assist you before, during and after the event, and if you have any questions, they are the ones to contact.

    Reach Susanne and Brian:

    +45 60 20 85 64

    +45 40 55 87 21


DKK 3.350,- /m2 *
(before subsidy: DKK 6.700,- /m2)

A service fee of DKK 4.995,- per company will be added.
Prices are ex VAT, travel, lodging, and print costs.

* maximum subsidy is achieved at 15m2. Additional area DKK 4.850,- /m2

The exhibitor package includes:

  • Turn-key exhibition stand using Expo-System at the Pavilion of Denmark (excl. prints/graphics)
  • Build-up and dismantling of exhibition stand
  • Carpet
  • 1 table + 3 chairs
  • 1 brochure rack
  • Lights and power consumption (standard use) on your area
  • Company name sign
  • Joint storage room for the exhibitors
  • Joint bar area with hot/cold beverages and snacks for you and your guests. 
    (Service depending on Corona restrictions from the exhibition)
  • Joint marketing activities incl. marketing hand-out to be distributed before and during show
  • Fee for listing in the show catalogue (mandatory for all exhibitors)
  • Service assistance during the exhibition
  • Hotel proposal is offered (optional use)
  • The price is excl. transportation of own goods, board and lodging

* "De minimis rules"
As from 1 January 2014, companies receiving export-promoting subsidies have to complete a business form in which they specify the subsidies received under the “de minimis” rules. This includes all subsidies received in your current financial year and the two previous years. According to the Trade Council rules, companies themselves are responsible for obtaining the information from all subsidy-administrators. As a service, the Danish Export Association can provide information on all subsidies received through us.


This event is organized in collaboration with The Danish embassy in Warszawa and subsidized by The Trade Council.