Market Group Meeting: CCS

Carbon Capture & Storage



10:00 - 14:00


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Free of charge

Farver Jakob Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Head of Energy Jakob Jespersen +45 2124 9966
Farver Jorge Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Project Consultant Jorge Rico +45 6020 8552
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Market Group CCS

The global market group for CCS solutions is more attractive than ever and a lot of our members in Danish Export – Energy can benefit from this.
We are therefore happy to invite you to the startup meeting in Market Group CCS:
The 14 September 10-14 CET  at Teknologisk Institut, Kongsvang Allé 29, 8000 Aarhus C,


  • Welcome and safety briefing by Morten Poulsen & Jakob Jespersen
  • Short presentation of all participants
  • A view on CCS by Teknologisk Institut
  • Ambitions for this market group
  • Specific targets for members of the group
  • Strategy and action plans
  • Time schedule
  • Economy
  • AOB

I trust this is going to be a very active and value generating group and we will do our very best do assist you in growing your market presence and results from this upcoming market

Danish Export Market Group CCS is focusing on the commercial part of CCS – sales and upcoming projects.

In the group we will be approx.. 8-10 non competing companies from Danish Export – Energy.

  • We meet 4 times a year in the companies
  • We share information and market knowledge
  • We arrange external speakers to participate with know how and updated market information
  • We use the group as a close network for our effort within the CCS market

This Market Group will start up in September 2020.

If you are interested in getting more information regarding this market group, please contact us.