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How to optimize your efforts through digital tools?





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Changing customer behavior, new technologies, disruptive competitors, digital trends

Do you question if traditional strategies become completely obsolete in an agile world?

In this fast-paced environment, new approaches are required. But traditional strategies are not dead – they are just transforming.

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Are you up for the task?

Join this one-day seminar and workshop where Joerg Niessing, professor of Marketing from INSEAD University in Fontainebleau, Paris – the world's leading and largest graduate business school – will inspire you to leverage digital tools and optimize the marketing activities in your company.   


During the day there will be breakout sessions with discussions of the structured approach to digital transformation that helps you understand, co-create, capture, communicate and deliver value to your customers in a digital world.

The seminar is relevant to you if:  

  • You want to use digital tools to understand not only what customers ‘need’ but also what customers really ‘want’.
  • You strive to create outstanding customer experiences by leveraging digital technologies and big data.
  • You want to mirror digital objectives against your core strength and competences to identify the most important gaps in your company.
  • You want to learn how digital trends and technologies can address problems along the customer journey.
  • You want to understand the key enablers needed to transform towards a customer-centric, agile and digital organization.
  • If you want to be successful at digital transformation of the customer experience and put enablers in place to take your company to the next level of digital transformation this one-day conference can inspire and challenge you to become innovative and agile as a person - but also as an organization.
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Joerg Niessing, Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD

Keynote speaker

Joerg Niessing, Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD

Joerg is an Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD and is passionate about bridging the academic and the business world on topics related to marketing, branding, digital transformation, and data analytics. His credentials do not only come from his academic career, but also from 13+ years in management consulting. Here he focused on building leading brands and delivering profitable growth through the development of outstanding customer experiences, distinctive customer insights and data analytics.


Specialties: Growth strategy, digital transformation, brand strategy, marketing strategy, social media strategy, customer segmentation, customer centricity, data analytics, marketing effectiveness, marketing ROI optimization, brand valuation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), customer intelligence and marketing research.


10:00 Opening remarks

10:15 From marketing strategy 1.0 to 3.0

  • What has changed and what has not changed?

11:30 Breakout session 

  • Understanding changing customer behavior and digital trends disrupting your industry 

12:00 Lunch

13:00 The three transformational shifts in marketing 

14:00 Breakout session 

  • What is your next shift?

14:30 Break

15:00 Microsoft case presentation

15:30  Executing marketing strategy 3.0

  • Leveraging key enablers

16:30 Microsoft Innovation Alley Tour 

17:00 Networking and snacks

17:30 End of day

Marketing Strategy 3.0
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