IFAT 2022

IFAT is by far the world's largest and most important trade fair in the environmental field - Here you will meet global customers and partners and expand your business. Join one of the three "Pavilion of Denmark" and take advantage of the support from Danish Export Association and Trade Council.


30.05.2022 - 03.06.2022




  • Adept Water Technologies A/S

  • Alumichem A/S

  • Ammongas A/S

  • APX10 A/S

  • AquaGreen ApS

  • BactiQuant A/S

  • Barkerbille A/S

  • Biogasclean A/S


  • Danish Export Association (Eksportforeningen)


  • Euro Group

  • EXPO-NET Danmark A/S

  • Gemidan Ecogi A/S

  • Hexa-Cover A/S

  • Insatech A/S

  • JKF Industri A/S

  • JOCA A/S

  • Landinspektørfirmaet LE34 A/S

  • Lin-Ka Energy A/S

  • Liqtech Holding A/S

  • LJM - Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik A/S

  • Lundsby Biogas A/S

  • Meldgaard Recycling A/S

  • NISSEN energy a/s

  • Nordic Infrastructure Design ApS

  • RUNI A/S

  • Standesign A/S

  • Stena Recycling A/S

  • SulfiLogger A/S

  • Sweco Danmark A/S

  • Umicore Denmark ApS

  • Unisense Environment A/S

  • Verdo Energy Systems A/S

  • Water ApS

  • Aalborg Energie Technik A/S


DKK 2.700,- /m2 *
(before subsidy: DKK 5.600,- /m2)

A service fee of DKK 4.995,- per company will be added.
ex VAT, travel, lodging and print costs.

* maximum subsidy is achieved at 9m2. Additional area DKK 3.850,- /m2

Farver Susanne Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Project Manager & Head of Food Tech Susanne Holm +45 6020 8564
Brian Boelt, Danish Export Association
Head of Subcontractor Brian Boelt +45 4055 8721

Key sectors

You can expect to meet

  • Decision makers from all over the world.
  • Potential customers, partners, agents, representatives and distributors.

Skip the official waiting list

Exhibiting at IFAT with Danish Export Association, you get unique exposure. We have already booked a central placement, which secures a good flow of relevant visitors. Furthermore, booking with us, you avoid the waiting list for available space and secure your central booth and attendance right away.

Exhibit with Danish Export Association and get

  • Joint marketing and press efforts to maximise your outreach
  • Networking events with international guests, so you can gain direct access to decisionmakers.
  • An individual, turn-key and full-service stand ready at your arrival – we handle all practicalities, so you can save time and focus on your sales.

Danish Export Association is at the event, ready to assist you before, during and after IFAT.

  • Watertreatment Bro

    Hall A3 - Water

    Water and Waste Water treatment are some of the key sectors at IFAT.
    The Pavilion of Denmark in hall A3, represents companies supplying to the public and private water industry, Water and Waste Water utilities.

  • Bioenergi 2

    Hall A4 - Biomass / Bioenergy

    The Pavilion of Denmark in hall A4, represents companies supplying new reliable ways to tap into the energy potential of waste and secondary raw materials, whether through waste incineration or biogas generation.

  • IFAT2018 TK 8247

    Hall A5 - Waste & Recycling

    Recycling waste consist of complex processes; Refuse collection, transport, sorting, and treatment. All a part of a circular economy.
    The exhibitors at Pavilion of Denmark in Hall A5, supplies products and solutions to handle the processes in a viable, ecological, and cost-efficient way.

3D Stand Image

Pavilion of Denmark at IFAT 2022

With more than 140.000 visitors, IFAT is the ideal platform for meeting new and existing customers – 3 pavilions covering Water/Wastewater, Waste & Resources and Bioenergy will display Danish solutions and innovative products.

IFAT is truly a world leading trade fair: 3,305 exhibitors from 58 countries, 141,000 visitors from 160 countries (2018 figures). IFAT - industry event for environmental technologies.

Danish Export Association and their networks within Water Technology and Bioenergy, will once again organize the Danish Pavilions covering Water/Wastewater, Waste & Resources and Bioenergy. 

  • WATER (hall A3) - OBS: WAITING LIST! Sold out
  • WASTE & RESOURCES (hall A5) Only one open booth left 
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    IFAT 2022

  • Layout Hall A3: Pavilion of Denmark

  • Layout Hall A4: Pavilion of Denmark

  • Layout Hall A5: Pavilion of Denmark