IF - USE Water - Are you interested in supplying to 12 huge Chinese EPC’s/Utilities?

Come and learn about our results from 6 weeks round trip



13:00 - 16:00


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DKK 895,00 for members of Danish Export – Water China
DKK 1.790,00 for non-member of Danish Export - Water China

Farver Ilse Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Head of Project Management Ilse Korsvang +45 5089 4488

Come and learn about our results from 6 weeks round trip

Our colleague Jingquan Lu has just spent 6 weeks visiting huge Chinese EPC’s, City Administrations, and Environmental associations. Jingquan has successfully presented our ideas in the U-S-E Water project; and 11 companies have expressed interest for a close co-operation with our members, potentially leading to demonstration units.
We are collaborating closely with the locally established Danish companies with great success and have just had a super member meeting in Shanghai.

  • Welcome and who is here
  • Reporting from customers visits to Chinese huge EPC’s, City Administrations, and Associations.
  • Reporting from technical discussions with above, - where should we focus
  • Reporting from member meeting in Shanghai, - 14 participants, - very involved in our work
  • Next step – negotiating MOU’s and carrying through technical workshops in January together with the Chinese EPC’s, and presentations for Cities. What is your input?
  • MUDP-application, and support from IFU and EKF – Could you contribute?
  • Consulting work in analysing and entering the Chinese market. Potential J/V’s - experiences so far
  • Planned activities

The meeting will be held in English

Info on Covid-19

We still hope to be able to have a physical meeting. We will of course follow the development carefully, and decide once we get close to 1. Dec. 2020. 

If the meeting will be held physically, which of course only will happen, if all guidelines allow it, we shall take all necessary precautions in connection with Covid-19. If you prefer, you may still participate online.

If the meeting will be held online; you will receive information on that, and all you need is a stable internet connection, a webcam and a microphone.