Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2022 - Kópavogur, Iceland

Join the Pavilion of Denmark on Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition - the leading exhibition in the North Atlantic targeted the fish and seafood industry


08.06.2022 - 10.06.2022


Kópavogur, Iceland


DKK 2,795 (*) per m2 excl. VAT
DKK 4,995 excl. VAT in coordination fee per company

See further down the page for information om what the package price includes.

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Project Consultant & Member Relations Lise-Marie Robichon Hornsved +45 6020 8568

Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition - in brief

Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition in Kópavogur, Iceland, is a leading exhibition in the North Atlantic region dedicated to commercial fisheries, fish processing industry and aquaculture. The exhibition has developed into an industry exhibition with an international scope and place to showcase all aspects of equipment, technology and services to the commercial fisheries, fish processing and aquaculture industries. Each edition of Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition ensures to present new innovations to the industries, and thus providing industry visitors with the latest developments from suppliers across the market.

At the latest edition of Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, the exhibition attracted more than 13,600 industry professionals, stakeholders and decision-makers from more than 52 countries.

Fisheries industry in Iceland

The Icelandic fisheries industry is an important sector in the country's economy and accounts for 35% of the total exportation income of Iceland and 10,000+ people are directly employed in the industry in Iceland.

Skippers and vessels owners have a continued focus on updating and modernizing their fleets to meet the ever increasing demands for energy and cost-effective technology as well as sustainable solutions. They  invest in new solutions and innovative technology and the Icelandic fleet is characterized by being one of the most sophisticated, modern and efficient fleets in the world.

At the last Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition in 2017, 16 new vessels for the industry were on order or had been delivered recently and this industry event is a perfect platform for exhibitors and suppliers to the industry to meet decisions makers and stake holders to discuss new requirements and opportunities within the industry. 

Iceland possesses a fleet of 1,621 registered fishing vessels landing close to 1,3 million tons of fish per year. Both the Icelandic fishing fleet and related processing industry facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment and are very open minded towards innovative solutions and technology.

Following trends in the industry, Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition will have added focus on utilization of fish by-products, aquaculture and the overall drive to find value-adding opportunities within the fish/seafood sector. Danish suppliers have a wide range of technology, solutions and equipment to offer to contribute to obtain improved efficiency and value-adding within these areas, so Iceland Fisheries Exhibition offer an ideal platform for Danish companies to showcase their solutions and technology to decision makers and stakeholder from the industry in Iceland and the rest of the North Atlantic region. Not only will the exhibition be an opportunity to meet existing and new business contacts from the region, it will also be a forum to get market insight and discuss existing and future requirements within the industry.

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Pavilion of Denmark

Danish Export - Fish Tech will organize a Pavilion of Denmark at Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2022 as we have a wish to support more Danish companies in exploring the potential and opportunities that exists in the fisheries, fish processing and aquaculture industries in Iceland and the North Atlantic region in general.

By joining the Pavilion of Denmark and by being part of the pavilion along with other Danish companies, your company will be greatly displayed towards both a national Icelandic and an international audience attending the exhibition. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to network with the other exhibitors on Pavilion of Denmark creating a platform for sharing market insights and knowledge.

We will take care of a lot of the practicalities related to your participation at Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition both prior to and during the exhibition, so you can focus on the essential, the dialogue with existing and new business relations.

Package price

The package price for participation on Pavilion of Denmark:

DKK 2,795 (*) per m2 excl. VAT
DKK 4,995 excl. VAT in coordination fee per company

The package price includes:        

  • Turn-key exhibition stand (excluding prints/graphics for walls)
  • Building and dismantling of stand
  • Carpet
  • 1 table
  • 3 chairs
  • 1 brochure rack
  • Lights and power on your area
  • Cleaning
  • Internet (basic connection to check emails)
  • Marketing material for the Pavilion of Denmark
  • Registration in the official catalogue and admission cards
  • Coffee, tea, beverages and snacks during the exhibition
  • Lunch for exhibitors daily

* Conditions:
The price is based on grants from the Danish Trade Council.

** "De minimis rules"
As from 1 January 2014, companies receiving export-promoting subsidies have to complete a business form in which they specify the subsidies received under the “de minimis” rules. This includes all subsidies received in your current financial year and the two previous years. According to the Trade Council rules, companies themselves are responsible for obtaining the information from all subsidy-administrators. As a service, the Danish Export Association can provide information on all subsidies received through us.