Healthcare Delegation to Chile - Renewal of the Chilean Health System

How social demands have promoted an unprecedented health reform


02.11.2020 - 06.11.2020

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Participation: DKK 12.900 excl. VAT per participating company (2 persons per company)

The price is calculated on a basis of a minimum of 5 participating companies.

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The Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Export – Health Tech and the Danish Embassy in Chile invite Danish companies to be part of a delegation focusing on the Chilean health sector.

In 2010, Chile joined the list of OECD countries, in parallel to its high GDP, low infant mortality rate and increased life expectancy. Today, Chile is the most developed Latin American country; however, since October 2019, many have demanded better health, education and work conditions. The government has responded with an intense social agenda, which includes a health reform that will increase the state expenditure of 50% on this area.

This delegation offers a unique opportunity for Danish companies to take part in this expansion process. 

Chilean Health reform in brief

After 3 months of street demonstrations, the Chilean government has decided to reform the public health system.

With the reform to the National Health Fund, Chileans will now have a public health insurance that will benefit 14 million people, covering 80% of care costs, a new insurance to purchase medicines and a coverage for high cost diseases.

The reform represents an unprecedented 50% increase in fiscal expenditure on health, which will result in greater investments in infrastructure, in order to cover the proposed goals.

Santiago Chile

Why Chile?

Chiles is on everyone’s lips. The country is a regional hub, breathes a dynamic business culture, and displays the highest GDP per capita in Latin America.

Furthermore, perched on the world economy, Chile has signed more Free Trade agreements than any other country.

With a population of 17,6 million (2017), Chile is ranked 48th out of 195 countries on Healthcare Access and Quality according to the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015, and 29th out of 163 on the Global Health Index (Bloomberg).

In both ranks Chile is, by far, the best positioned country from Latin America.

Investments in hospital infrastructure

The health investment plan 2018-2024 50 new hospitals with their corresponding equipment into consideration. This is essential for the new reform, to strengthen the health network through the construction and improvement of hospital infrastructure. In addition to this, around 120 primary care centers will be set up to cover the country's vast territory.

Leading telemedicine in LATAM

Along with the previous investment, the Chilean government launched in 2018 the "Hospital Digital" program (a pioneering telemedicine initiative in Latin America), a cloud hospital that serves without geographical restrictions, and available 24/7. It will promote and emphasize online and real-time management, using information technologies (such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence) to store patient data for all hospitals.

Patients in remote areas can receive access to specialists, manage online medical appointments, and even receive care in their own home, using IoT equipment and mobile applications. The application of these technologies is possible thanks to the wide coverage of Internet in the country (87.5% of households, equivalent to 15.4 million inhabitants) and the extensive use of mobile telephony (124 devices per 100 inhabitants).

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Price and conditions

Participation: DKK 12.900 excl. VAT per participating company (2 persons per company)

The price is calculated on a basis of a minimum of 5 participating companies.

If the number of participating companies changes, we reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price. Should this result in a higher price than quoted above for the basic package, you have the right to cancel your participation.

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