The temperature of the meat & poultry industries in the US and first-hand insights from a Danish supplier

Getting an outlook of the US meat & poultry market and insights from a Danish supplier well anchored in the US market



14.30 - 15.30


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Farver Heidi Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Head of Food Tech Heidi Ravn +45 2421 8988
The U.S. meat and poultry industry has experienced an unprecedented year, as the Coronavirus pandemic severely affected the foodservice industry and disrupted the supply chain. Through it all, American meat sales and consumption continued to increase and should lead to growth within the industry, particularly among mid-sized and niche processors.

We will have 2 interesting speakers on the program, enlightening us on the US food processing industry.

Samuel Gazdziak
An outlook of the current US meat, beef & poultry market - and going forward after Covid 19

By Samuel Gazdziak, Editor in Chief, “Independent processor”, BNP Media

Sam is going to share his insights on the US meat, beef & poultry industries based on market intelligence and research by BNP Media. You will get an overview of the industry structure and geographical concentration for the individual segments as well as key characteristics of the respective industries.

Sam will furthermore go into market trends and demands prior to and during the Covid-19 pandemic and how this is expected to affect the meat, beef and poultry industry and the players within the industry in US

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Johnnie Erichsen
Cabinplant – a Danish equipment supplier to the Food industry with a strong anchoring on the US market

By Johnnie Erichsen Senior VP, CCO, Americas, Cabinplant A/S

Johnnie will give a brief introduction to Cabinplant’s history and implementation on the US market, as well as give you an insight in the main target sectors within the US food industry for the Cabinplant processing equipment and solutions.

Johnnie will e.g. elaborate on the characteristics and trends of the respective segments in the US food industry, to which Cabinplant sell their solutions.

Finally, we will also get Johnnies perspective on how Covid-19 has affected the US food processing industry so far, and how are his expectations for the near future in the light of Covid-19. Can it affect the market and opportunities for equipment and solutions suppliers to the US food processing industry?


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It will be possible to ask questions to both speakers during the webinar
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