Cibus Tec 2023

Want to be part of one of the most innovative food technology exhibitions? Exhibit at Pavilion of Denmark and enhance your footprint in Italy's second largest industry.


24.10.2023 - 27.10.2023


Parma, Italy



Farver Susanne Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Project Manager & Head of Food Tech Susanne Holm +45 6020 8564
Sandra Ladefoged, Danish Export Association
Project Consultant Sandra Ladefoged +45 2478 1292

At CIBUS TEC exhibitions showcase their best solutions – from ingredients to processing technologies, from packaging to logistics. The show includes segments of the food and beverage industry.

Focus on sustainable food production

The Italian food industry is the second largest industry in Italy. In the last years, Italy has grown a major focus on sustainable food production, where consumers demand products that are produced regard to the climate and the environment. Therefore, food producers show particular demand for solutions within automation, food safety and traceability.

At CIBUS TEC, you will meet a wide range of international decision-makers who want to network and get updated on the latest technology and industry trends. In 2019, 30 percent of foreign visitors came from 118 countries, which primarily attracts visitors from Europe.

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    Turnkey exhibition solution

    Imagine this: You arrive a few days prior to the show. When you finally get access to the exhibition halls and find your booth, you are met by a small square of raw concrete.

    Not when exhibiting at Pavilion of Denmark.

    Here, your booth is ready. Simply unpack your brochures, place them on the rack and welcome your customers. We even have hot coffee and snacks for you and your customers.

Central booth

A good placement is key to a successful exhibition. You want a steady flow of traffic going by your booth.

This can be hard to achieve as a single small or medium sized company. But being part of Pavilion of Denmark, you are secured a good spot. We have long relation the organiser and coming as a group strengthens our position.

Furthermore, common strong branding of Pavilion of Denmark at the exhibition makes you, your company and your products even more visible to visitors.

  • Cibus Tec

    Product segments at CIBUS TEC

    • Processing
    • From Packaging to Logistics
    • Bottling and Filling
    • Coding, Marking and Labelling
    • End of line, handling and traceability
    • Components
    • Automation, Digital, Robot and Control
    • Energy efficiency
    • Environmental Technologies
    • and Hygiene
    • Ingredients and Analysis and Laboratory equipment

Skip the hassle: Here’s what we do

We handle contact with the organiser of Cibus Tec and inform you of all practical information such as deadlines, parking facilities, which busses to take from the city to the venue, and we send you the papers that you must fill.

We make sure that your booth is ready when you arrive as well as dismantled after the exhibition. At least one representative from Danish Export is present during the entire show. We have coffee, snacks and drinks for you and your guests, and if you have questions we have or will find the answer for you.

In other words – you can concentrate on networking and maintaining good relations with your customers and partner.

  • Susanne Og Sandra Food Messer Text Image Slider, 550X500

    Meet Susanne and Sandra – your organisers at Danish Export

    Susanne has extensive experience. Both in organising and hosting Danish pavilions at international industry shows as well as with sales in the food industry. And Sandra. Well, we have never met someone more organised.

    You are very welcome to contact both, if you have any questions concerning Foodpro. You will find their contact info below. 

Have questions?

  • Farver Susanne Tilrettet Til Web 2019

    Susanne Holm

    Project Manager & Head of Food Tech +45 6020 8564
  • Susanne Holm

    Project Manager & Head of Food Tech

    Susanne står i spidsen for vores netværk inden for Food Tech og arbejder med flere eksportprojekter i foreningen. Hun har stor erfaring med salg og kundesupport på en lang række eksportmarkeder, så hun kan blandt andet sparre med dig om kundernes krav, kultur og forretningsprocesser.

    Susanne har tidligere været salgsingeniør, hvor hun fik en stor teknisk forståelse og erfaring med eksportsalg samt planlægning af messer. I Danish Export Association er hun med til at udvikle og gennemføre aktiviteter, der hjælper medlemmerne med at styrke deres eksport gennem netværksmøder og eksportfremstød.

    Farver Susanne Tilrettet Til Web 2019
  • Sandra Ladefoged, Danish Export Association

    Sandra Ladefoged

    Project Consultant +45 2478 1292
  • Sandra Ladefoged

    Project Consultant

    Sandra har en vigtig finger med i flere af vores aktiviteter, hvor hun som en del af medlems- og netværksteamet varetager dialogen med medlemmer og er med til at drive flere af foreningens projekter og initiativer.

    Sandra er knivskarp, har en uddannelse som Cand.merc i International Business fra Aarhus Universitet BSS og har været i Danish Export som både praktikant og studiemedhjælper. Derfor er hun er godt klædt på til at sikre, at du og alle virksomhederne i foreningen får de rigtige rapporter, viden og sparring stillet til rådighed i Danish Export.

    Sandra Ladefoged, Danish Export Association
[Brug Ikke] Jens Michael Carstensen, Videometer

"We help one another at Pavilion of Denmark"

Did you know that there's business in networking with your fellow countrymen?

At Pavilion of Denmark, helpfulness, community and cooperation is paramount and that strenghens your exhibition output.