Chinese Water Delegation Visits to Denmark

Following previous Danish delegation visits to China in 2023 and based on the fruitful workshops, we plan to organize a Chinese water delegation to Denmark, where key persons from Chinese stakeholders will be invited. Are you ready to meet your potential Chinese customers here in Denmark?


04.12.2023 - 08.12.2023


Copenhagen, Odense, Jutland


The price is TBD.
Subject to subsidy by the Trade Council, which has been granted.
The trip is based on a minimum of 7 participating companies.

Registration deadline: 30th October, 2023
Subject to availability - based on first come-first served basis.

Ilse Korsvang, Head of Project Management Danish Export
Head of Business Development Ilse Korsvang +45 5089 4488
Lixia Duan Project Consultant dansih export / danish eksport
Project Consultant Lixia Duan +45 6020 8565

Danish Export – Water China (DEA-Water China), Danish Environment Protection Agency (DEPA) and Trade Council’s Water and Environment Team (TC-W&E) at the Embassy in Beijing have established a partnership on Water in China.

Through the partnership project U-S-E Water 2.0, we have held technical workshops with 7 local water utilities in China in April, and we are going to have workshops with 5 more Chinese utilities in September. Based on these meetings and our follow ups, we are planning to invite the most potential Chinese water stakeholders to Denmark. The activity will include:       

  • Technical workshops, networking
  • Site visits to Danish Water and Wastewater Plants, and Danish suppliers

The purpose is showcasing Danish green and water technology, branding and marketing as many Danish companies as possible, thus driving a potential and in-depth cooperation on water and environment demo project in China.

Why participate?

  • As a participant, you will:

    • Meet and impress your potential Chinese customers in Denmark
    • Create awareness and influence the decision makers from China
    • Promote your products and solutions to the right contacts
    • Get knowledge of business opportunities and opportunity to sell
    • Be promoted by Danish Ministry of Environment, TC and Danish Export-Water China through a long-run follow up with concrete project cooperation  

    In parallel, this program offers you excellent opportunity to find inspiration by sharing knowledge and experience with the other Danish participating companies.

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China water policies and market potential

  • With 14th Five-Year Plan, 2021 in reality first year in Chinas carbon- neutrality policy (which is now influencing all sectors)
  • 2020-30: China invests 4.9 trillion USD in Carbon Neutrality (EU will invest 1.2 trillion USD in Europe)
  • ”Double Carbon Policy” – peak 2030 and neutral before 2060
  • ”Top Down Supervision System” secures targets
  • New conditions will favorize energy– and resource efficiency

Tentative Program

  • Monday

    Visit State of Green and Site Visit in Copenhagen

    Morning: Visit State of Green

    • State of Green’s Presentation
    • A walk in SoG’s showroom
    • Presentation of regulatory drivers and policy in the water sector by Ministry for Environment
    • Presentation by Danish Export Association


    • Site visit at Biofos wastewater treatment plant or Hofor
    • Training on NRW 


  • Tuesday

    Visit VCS Denmark, Seminar / Workshop


    • Presentation on Innovations of Danish WWTP
    • Plant tour
    • Training on how VCS Denmark operates their WWTP and how it has achieved energy neutrality.


    • Managerial training
    • Seminar / Workshop / Presentation by Danish companies
  • Wednesday

    Visit Grundfos Holding A/S

    full day program at Grundfos

  • Thursday

    Visit Danish companies, Seminar /Workshop

  • Friday

    Visit Danish companies & Workshops

  • Update

    The program is subject to changes.



The project is supported by the Trade Council.

To know more contact:

  • Ilse Korsvang, Head of Project Management Danish Export

    Ilse Korsvang

    Head of Business Development
    +45 5089 4488
  • Ilse Korsvang

    Head of Business Development

    Med mere end 30 års erfaring med eksportsalg, markedsetablering og distributionsopbygning kan Ilse hjælpe dig i gang på nye markeder. Det er især relevant for dig at tage fat i Ilse, hvis du vil ind i Kina, fordi hun står i spidsen for vores netværk inden for vand i Kina.

    Ilse har stor viden om salg og virksomhedsdrift fra både SMV’er og store virksomheder. Efter mange år som eksport- og salgschef var hun selvstændig international konsulent inden for vandteknologi i ti år, hvor hun blandt andet arbejdede med Danida-projekter.

    Ilse er ansvarlig for vores partnere, som du kan læse mere om her.

    Ilse Korsvang, Head of Project Management Danish Export
  • Lixia Duan Project Consultant dansih export / danish eksport

    Lixia Duan

    Project Consultant
    +45 6020 8565
  • Lixia Duan

    Project Consultant

    Lixia, der kommer fra Kina, er med på holdet bag Water China. Hun har arbejdet med danske virksomheder i Kina i mere end 12 år, og vil du sælge mere eller etablere din virksomhed i Kina, kan Lixia hjælpe dig på vej.

    Lixia har blandt andet erfaring fra AVK, hvor hun har arbejdet i syv år. Først i AVK Shanghai som marketingchef og senere i AVK Holding i Galten. Hun kan derfor rådgive om strategisk markedsføring i Kina fx digitale platforme som WeChat.

    Lixia har en Global Executive MBA fra CBS.   

    Lixia Duan Project Consultant dansih export / danish eksport