Bio360 Expo 2022

Join the Pavilion of Denmark i Nantes, France on the 26th and 27th of January 2022 with Danish Export - Bioenergy.


26.01.2022 - 27.01.2022


Nantes, Frankrig


4 m2 stand: EUR 1.800,-
8m2 stand: EUR 3.500,-

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Farver Susanne Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Project Manager & Head of Bioenergy and Food Tech Susanne Holm +45 6020 8564

Bio360 Expo 2022 will take place in Nantes, France on the 26th and 27th of January and represents a real opportunity to build new business relationships with potential clients and partners alike in France and beyond. Of the 450 exhibiting organisations at the 2020 edition, 39% were international, providing significant scope to learn about and gain access to a broad range of new markets.

Biomass Ild

Danish Export – Bioenergy will again this year arrange two Danish Pavilions focusing on Biogas and Biomass. At each pavilion 6 individual exhibition spaces with partial separation will be available – 4 areas of 4 m2 and 2 areas of 8 m2. All of them will be with printed panels, spot lights, a reception desk with printed sticker and 2 high stools. The two pavilions will be next to each other so the networking possibilities will be good for all 12 participating companies.

France is one of the main producers of biomass in Europe and ranks as the 4th biggest producer of biogas. Since France is transforming their energy business from fossil to non-fossil use and because of a solid political support for this the market is very attractive for Danish companies delivering into the green transition. Forecasts have shown that the positive development in the country will continue.

Bio 360 is a key reference event which brings together diverse and complementary biomass value streams that are contributing in multiple ways to fulfil the ambition of the circular economy and the displacement of fossil fuels from our day to day lives.

The event itself welcomed 7000 participants from 35 countries in 2020 and encompasses a rich international conference programme with 4 streams and simultaneous translation (English/French), Study Tours, the Innovation Competition, and more besides.


Included in the price is:

Panels and welcome desk
2 chairs
Electrical supply
Stand sign
Inclusion in the exhibitor list
Company profile in common marketing material
Coffee, Tea, snacks and lunch

Shared facilities:
1 central common 4m2 lockage storage cupboard with a table and a coffee machine, 3 3 kW socket, coat hanger, 3 shelves
1 raised logo sign showing all exhibitor logos
Registration fee
Stand cleaning


  • Farver Susanne Tilrettet Til Web 2019

    Susanne Holm

    Project Manager & Head of Bioenergy and Food Tech +45 6020 8564
  • Susanne Holm

    Project Manager & Head of Bioenergy and Food Tech

    Susanne står i spidsen for vores netværk inden for bioenergi og arbejder med flere eksportprojekter i foreningen. Hun har stor erfaring med salg og kundesupport på en lang række eksportmarkeder, så hun kan blandt andet sparre med dig om kundernes krav, kultur og forretningsprocesser.

    Susanne har tidligere været salgsingeniør, hvor hun fik en stor teknisk forståelse og erfaring med eksportsalg samt planlægning af messer. I Danish Export Association er hun med til at udvikle og gennemføre aktiviteter, der hjælper medlemmerne med at styrke deres eksport gennem netværksmøder og eksportfremstød.

    Farver Susanne Tilrettet Til Web 2019
Pavilion of Denmark
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